Do you (subconsciously) put on a performance to make people interested in you?

Don’t feel bad if you do…

Most of us do, in fact…

It starts with childhood, with our need to be accepted and loved.

We learn to perform.

To be “the best version of ourselves.”

… Which we quickly start to feel isn’t actually ourselves.

And that only makes things worse.

Because the more we try to be this performed version of ourselves that’s not the real person we are inside, the more we feel like we have to perform.

It’s a vicious cycle…

You should know, there’s another way to be more interesting!

In fact, this is a very HEALTHY way to be interesting.

Although that doesn’t have to be your reason for it.

Your reason for it might just be that you want more people to read your writing, or listen to you speak, or consume your content, or follow you…

If you’re a writer, speaker, thought leader, expert, or content creator.

Either way, it works.

It makes you more interesting!

And it’s remarkably simple.

BONUS: It lets you be interesting and STILL BE YOURSELF!

The full breakdown is in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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