waterslideToday’s issue is going to be short and sweet…

Because even though you’re reading this on a Friday afternoon, I’m writing it uncharacteristically early, on Wednesday night.

Why?  Because right about now, I should be nearing the end of my second day at the Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun amusement parks, in Kansas City.  Water slides, roller coasters, the works.  But mostly, some end-of-summer fun with the family, and a memory that the kids can cherish!

And so to make sure you got all the incredible value I deliver to you this week and every other, for FREE, I’m staying up late before hitting the road to write an extra couple issues.

On to today’s topic…

So, you wanna be a better writer?  Or speaker?  Or salesperson?

There’s one thing, above so many others, that will make you more compelling.  Interesting.  Engaging.  Persuasive.

And it doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to “sell” in the sense of getting someone to give you money in exchange for your products and services…

Or simply looking to “sell” your ideas, to move people to join you, in whatever cause.

This is universal!

In fact, you could call this a “hack” to instantly elevate your ability at all these skills!

…  At least, I called it a “hack!”

So, what is it?

I’ll give you 3 guesses.

And if any of them are “story telling,” you’re right!

But wait!

It’s NOT the kind of “story telling” that makes your palms get sweaty…

It’s not the kind your English teacher made you do all those years ago…

It’s not the kind of story telling you’ve deemed yourself a failure at, because your novel or screenplay manuscript got rejected for the umpteenth time…

The real “hack” is the discovery that EVERYTHING IS STORY!

I barely told a story at the start of this email.

If you look at the details, it tells you I’m on a family road trip, to a pair of amusement parks.

And that I’m writing on Wednesday night instead of on Friday.

And that I’m staying up late to get this out to you.

I think even Jerry Seinfeld couldn’t find enough there to make an episode out of.  And he literally made a show about nothing.


When it comes to customer communication and SELLING, even this nothing story does a lot.

— It makes me human — not a workaholic robot.

— It tells you I’m enjoying my summer — which is a generally likable thing to do.

— It reinforces to you that family is important to me — which is an endearing trait for most of my readers.

— It tells you that I’m dedicated to getting these essays to you, enough to stay up late the night before a road trip.

— It reinforces all the value you get for free every day of every week.

All of these things add another dimension to an essay meant to teach you something.  They connect you with me.  They help you to know, like, and trust me.

And I use those words very specifically, because they are critical in making the sale.

While mastery of story selling does involve understanding stories and how to tell them, it also involves waking up to the fact that the “Everything is Story” hack is real…

It’s easy for novice writers, speakers, salespeople, and other professional communicators to skip this.

They focus on the message.  If they’re teaching, the focus on the points being taught.  (I admittedly do this from time-to-time — we’re all human!)

Or, if you’re selling, maybe you focus on the product or service — and its features and benefits.

These things are well and good, but they are lifeless on their own.

Even a mediocre story connects you with the reader, and gets them interested enough to pay attention to the rest of the message.  Which, in many cases, is all you really need to stand out from the crowd.

But tell enough okay stories, knowing that “Everything is Story,” and something interesting will start to happen.

The power of story will weave its way into everything you do — every message you put out.

Then, you’ll start telling good stories.  Even a few great ones.

And the impact you make — in your writing, speaking, selling, communicating — will be tremendous.

And it all starts with that simple “hack.”

Next week, I will start to install that “hack” in your brain…

The official “launch” of my Story Selling Master Class begins next week.  And I’m going to give away a TON of incredibly valuable free story telling and story selling content, as part of the launch.

If you’re truly dedicated to becoming a more powerful, persuasive communicator, you will certainly want to be a part of it.

So, if you haven’t already, make sure you’ve signed up for the Story Selling Master Class wait list — click here to sign up now.

If you have already signed up — thank you!

I know this is getting a ton of attention, and it’s going to be a blast!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr