WARNING: Rant ahead.

I got an email from someone who I WILL NOT name here, because I want to reply to them without actually replying to them.

Basically, they said they didn’t want to learn the principles and strategies.  They didn’t want to do the hard work.  They didn’t want to put in any effort, or go through any learning curve.

Instead, they just wanted a simple template to follow to write great marketing/sales copy.  Just “give me the steps” they said.

1, 2, 3, 4.


(BSG fans should get the reference.)

You WILL NOT get that from me.

Why?  Because whether I sell it to you or give it away free in these essays, I’m ONLY going to give you WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS.

In a moment, I’ll tell you how to make the easiest money possible selling copywriting training…

But first, an announcement.

I’ve officially opened registrations for my 4-Person Copywriters Intensive!

This is your first chance in a long time to actually work directly with me, getting direct 1-on-1 attention, to boost the conversions on your current copy PLUS make you a better copywriter for life.

Go here for the details and to apply.

It’s first-come, first-served, so you don’t want to wait around.  There are only 4 spots, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Back to the rant!

Okay, where were we?  Oh yeah.  So, you wanna get rich selling copywriting training?


They won’t work.

Don’t get me wrong.

This isn’t about actually HELPING anyone, or providing legitimate value.

We’re here to MAKE YOU RICH, not them.

And people are LAZY.  Especially people who buy into work-at-home-business-opportunities.  Which is how copywriting as a career is most-often sold.

Lazy freaking biz-opp buyers who don’t want to do any of the work, but they want all the reward.

There’s a fracking ton of them.

And if you basically tell them that they don’t have to do any real work, but that they can get rich if they follow your template or system or whatever, YOU can make a ton of sales.

Slap a high price tag on it to get rich quicker!

Because we all know that $5,000 templates are like 500X more valuable than $100 templates.  Right?  Right?  Beuller?

And it’s a mathematical fact that it’s easier to get to a million at $5,000 a pop than it is at $100.  You only have to find 200 suckers at $5,000 each to make you a cool million — at $100 each, you’ve gotta go find 10,000 Dum-Dums!

And nobody’s going to use the templates anyway.

Remember: they’re LAZY.

So it doesn’t matter if it doesn’t work.

Just sell them some really expensive fecal matter, wrapped up in a pretty package, and they’ll believe that if they ever get off their lazy butt and USE IT, they’ll surely become rich.  Overnight, too.

All you have to do is make it FEEL EASY and you’re in like Flynn…

Go straight for that lizard brain…

— It’s fast.

— It’s easy.

— It’s practically free, because of all the money it’ll make you.

“Buy my fecal matter — I mean, Shinola — and your success is practically automatic!!”

All you meed is that moment of suspended disbelief.

Get them to believe that there’s a glimmer of hope that all their wildest dreams will come true, and grab their cash.

You can actually offer refunds.  Be generous with your guarantee.

Even if you get 50% returns, you’re still keeping the 50% of revenue generated from buyers who never remove the shrink wrap off all the programs they buy.

(And heck, you can go back and sell them some $10,000 Shinola, too, because a buyer is a buyer is a buyer is a buyer!)

That’s how you scam the unwitting masses…

When I started improv class a few weeks back, we had something made very clear to us — and it was repeated last night…

It’s cheap and easy to go low, but when you go high, the payoff is much bigger and more satisfying…

Anybody can blow some hot air into a fart joke.

And if you want to go really dirty, you can get laughs really dang quick.

But how do you keep it PG-13 or lower and get the same reaction?

You can sell empty promises all day long to make a quick buck, but how do you actually transform lives and careers with what you do and be rewarded appropriately?

Doing the right thing isn’t always the easiest path, but it’s the most rewarding in the end…

And besides, you don’t have to watch your back.

So: back to the “templates” question.

Yeah, I can give you OUTLINES for the DEEP structure of your copy, but they’re far from “fill in the blanks.”

I can share what to look for if you want to write the kind of BIG IDEA COPY that moves markets.

And as of today, I’ve even just added new training to walk you through all the CRITICAL THINKING that goes into a control-beating, breakthrough marketing campaign or promotion, before you write a word of copy.

And if you’re doing the work, and ready to do MORE serious work, I will even work with you 1-on-1 to help you improve your current copy plus show you how to raise your game to the next level.  I won’t lie and say it’ll be easy — in fact, I will probably be very hard on you.

But if you want to be a lazy bum who is unwilling to do the work, and just wants to fill-in-the-blanks and write great copy, I only have one thing for you…


Anyone who sells you those templates is, at best, delusional that you’ll actually be able to write great copy with them.

And at worst, they’re a flat-out scam artist who’s banking on the high likelihood you’ll ever do anything with them and discover they don’t work (or that you’ll simply blame yourself when they don’t).

The faster you realize all of this, the sooner you’ll actually start doing what really works (realizing that it’s actually the easier route), and enjoying real fruits of real labor.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr