This video starts with a very important quote about the power of your mind…

It’s from a book I’ve just started reading — so I’m not ready to do a One Big Idea video about it, quite yet.

But it is a profound and powerful book, I know already.  Because, as I explain in the video, just reading this book has been scientifically proven to help people overcome depression.

Crazy, I know — but it’s backed by research on what’s called “bibliotherapy.”

The book is Feeling Good, by David D. Burns, MD.

It’s available in paperback, ebook, or if you’re not an Audible member you can actually get the audiobook free as part of this free trial offer.

No matter how you get it, I’m happy to recommend this book already, even as I just start to read it.

Because so much of the proven power of this book comes from an idea that goes back to the Bible and other ancient wisdom traditions, and is even found in the most profound modern self-help books and programs.

And it’s immediately useful to you.  Not just in overcoming depression.  But in helping you shift and shape the world you want, and manifest your dreams, desires, and destiny.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr