Even the heaviest vault doors still swing on small hinges...

Even the heaviest vault doors still swing on small hinges…

Hey there Rainmaker, I’ve been diverting a lot from the book this week, but I had a really important conversation last night, and it impacts you…

It involves how I can help you find very specific opportunities to add 20% — 50% — even 100% or more profit to your business. In less than 24 hours.

It also involves one of the most powerful concepts I’ve ever landed on for how I impact my clients’ businesses.

My greatest, most powerful skill and marketing superpower!

I’ll get to the details of last night’s conversation in a moment, a conversation I had with my first (and arguably most important) marketing mentor.

But first — maybe you’ve heard the phrase…

“Tiny hinges swing big doors.”

It’s been used by countless others before me to describe an interesting phenomenon. There are a ton of things in life and business that don’t really matter. Change them, you’ll get only incremental changes in the outcome of whatever situation.

But then there are tiny little things that make a HUGE impact on results.

— The famed example from marketing and advertising is the headline change that leads to 2X, 10X, 16X response to the same ad.

— Or maybe sending a “second notice” letter after a first one — largely the same, just with a “second notice” stamp on the top. (Did you know this second notice can drive MORE sales than the original? And what if you send a THIRD or FINAL notice?)

— Or perhaps it’s establishing clarity on your offer. Before, your prospects didn’t really know what you did, or what it would do for them. Now, they know. So they buy in droves.

— Your USP — positioning yourself, your business, and your products and services. Why should people do business with you, versus every other option available to them?

— Pricing — you can make the same amount of sales at 29% higher price, 60% higher profits, and add $500,000 more profit to your bottom line every year, as one client of mine did.

— Developing a better back-end offer. The client who went from one-off sales to subscriptions, and has since grown 6X (they were already a multi-million dollar company).

The list goes on.

The reality is that a decision made in mere minutes can be worth the equivalent of many months’ work, when you identify one of these “tiny hinges.”

The single-best way to achieve rapid growth in your business is to identify these leverage points, and make them work for you…

Which brings me to that conversation…

Last night I was talking to my mentor, who worked closely with me for my first 5 years in marketing, and who I’ve stayed in close contact with ever since (and he reads these emails).

(He’s worked in the trenches helping business-after-business grow 2X, 3X, and much more — AFTER they’re already highly successful.)

We were talking about the ONE THING that I do better than anything else…

That has the biggest, most immediate impact on my clients’ businesses…

That leads to windfall profits and growth for my clients…

That I can do all day long and end up with more energy at the end of the day than when I began…

And believe it or not, it’s NOT writing copy.

Even though I’ve spent most of the last 5-years working almost exclusively writing copy for big direct marketing businesses…

Even though I’ve actually been honing my copywriting chops for over a decade, starting with my first marketing gig where I was running an entire marketing department.

Sure, I can write some pretty mean copy. And that’s where I’ve built a solid reputation in this business. And it’s been what a good 90% or more of my income has come from…

But if you ONLY hire me to write copy, you’re dramatically reducing my value to you.

What he told me — basically — was that I have…

X-Ray vision for finding “little tweak, big profits” opportunities in a business…

And that I’d be doing YOU a disservice if I didn’t turn around, right now, and offer you the opportunity for me to go deep into your business and identify the top 3 or 5 specific things you could tweak tomorrow and experience a dramatic breakthrough.

Now, I don’t just want to make this email about selling you this service (in fact, I’d rather DIS-qualify you for this service than qualify you).

So what I’m going to do is explain to you just one area where I like to look at a business, break down what they’re doing, and identify this kind of profit opportunities.

The Customer Relationship Path… Just ONE area that can yield multiple breakthroughs…

Now, as a Breakthrough Marketing Secrets reader, this should feel like familiar territory. And that’s okay. But I think you’re going to want to pay careful attention, because this is some of the most powerful stuff I could possibly share with you.

In a well-designed business, a customer has a number of milestones in their relationship with you…

— They start out with no knowledge of your business…

— Then, they have a first exposure to you…

— Then, they connect with you and give you permission to market or sell to them — they become a lead…

— After that, you follow up with them, and nurture the relationship to encourage their first purchase…

— Then they take that all-important step of buying from you the first time…

— After which you want to make sure they consume your product, and are satisfied with the purchase…

— Through the consumption of the first product and ongoing communications, you continue to build the relationship…

— At which point you offer greater levels of service, at higher prices, on a recurring membership basis, or both…

— And along the way, you convert them from customer to fan, advocate, and spokesperson for the brand, so that they refer others to you…

At every step along this process, you’re doing things that you could do better, and missing out on things completely that would make a dramatic impact on results.

And at any point along the way, if you drop the ball, you’re potentially losing the relationship and the revenue from subsequent steps along the path.

Which means for every customer you fail to reach with a compelling enough message to let you follow-up with them… You’re losing not just that first sale, but the upsells, the referrals, the referral’s referrals, and more…

If your customer doesn’t consume and use the first product they buy from you, they’re not going to turn into a repeat customer.

If you don’t make it appealing to refer others to you, you’re going to miss out on the opportunity for each customer to effectively double their value to your business by bringing in just one friend.

By asking the right questions at EVERY point in your business, you can create exponential change…

There are eight points in the customer relationship path outlined above. Starting at step one, where they have no knowledge of your business, there are seven steps that contribute to your sales and profits.

If you boost the profitability of just one of these by 10%, that’s a 10% boost in the profitability of your business.

But there’s actually a compounding effect when you increase your performance in multiple areas.

Increase the percentage of your market who is exposed to your business by 10% AND the conversion to a prospect or lead by 10%, and you get 21% growth. Boost all 7 steps by 10%, and it’s not 70% growth, it’s 94%. Just 25% improvement at each step turns into 376% total growth.

The steps along the Customer Relationship Path are just a handful of what I call… Strategic Value Multipliers.

These are the little hinges in your business that swing big doors. These are the small things you can change that create enormous results.

To do a proper analysis of your business to identify all the Strategic Value Multipliers you are sitting on…

To ferret out what the top 3 to 5 are that have the potential to have the biggest impact on your business…

And to give you an action plan for how to implement…

Well, it’s not a simple process. It’s not something that can be accomplished in a 30-minute call.

And frankly, it’s only something I’ve ever done in fits and starts as part of my deeper client relationships.

However, I’m getting ready to make this available as a distinct service to qualified clients. In fact, I’m approaching a point where I’m not comfortable accepting new clients for any other services until AFTER they’ve been through this process with me.

It’s that important.

Why would I write a sales letter for you, on demand, and get a fraction of the results possible… When I could identify for you the one thing you could do that would completely transform your revenue and profit picture and make that sales letter I may still eventually do for you worth 2X to 10X as much?

Another quick example of a Strategic Value Multiplier… Your offer…

Now, I want to share with you a really interesting conversation I had in Ryan Levesque’s private mastermind group (try it for $1 here — this week only). It’s about how copywriters can completely transform their business by defining their CORE OFFER. But that’s going to have to wait for another day (unless you find it by doing the $1 trial and looking for it in the Facebook group).

What I’ll share today is that ANY business can be dramatically impacted by changing the offer.

Here’s a list of the kind of questions you have to ask…

— What transformation does this create in the client’s life?

— What is the pain this solves?

— What is the desire this fulfills?

— What benefits does this provide?

— Why does the customer want this?

— Why now?

— What’s new/unique/revolutionary about this offer?

— What is proprietary?

— Why should I, the consumer, choose this over any other option available to me, including other offers, creating it myself, or doing nothing at all?

— What additional problems does the market still have after availing themselves of my offer that an additional offer could solve?

— What additional desires does the market still have after availing themselves of my offer that an additional offer could fulfill?

— What problems or desires are standing in the way of the prospect even needing or wanting my offer, that if I were to solve or fulfill them, would make them a better prospect for my offer?

— What can be added to the offer?

— What can be taken away from the offer?

— How can my offer be positioned as a budget solution?

— How can my offer be positioned as a luxury solution?

Obviously not ALL these questions will apply. But ONE could double your business, with the right answer.

As you can see, the analysis of your business to find these Strategic Value Multipliers is a deep, deep process…

That’s why I’m going to start making full-day consultations with me available, to select clients.

You come here to Lincoln, NE. (I won’t be traveling for these.)

We hang out for a full day.

I will have asked you to do a ton of homework BEFORE. Gathering a bunch of metrics, as well as marketing materials, thorough descriptions of offers, and so on.

We’ll spend the day going through what you’ve put together for me, and looking for these Strategic Value Multipliers.

I’ll run you through a much more thorough analysis on the above, and a whole lot more.

By the end of the day, we’ll have a very thorough — deep — understanding of your business. And most importantly, the 3 to 5 things you need to do to create breakthrough transformations in your business.

You will have an action plan for what to implement or test going forward.

There may be a recommendation of some work we can do together — or not. I may connect you with service providers who can be of help. Whatever makes the most sense for you to maximize your Strategic Value Multipliers.

It won’t be cheap, but it will be transformational.

If this is something you’re interested in, please send me an email at Roy@RoyFurr.com with the subject “Strategic Value Multipliers.”

Tell me:

— What does your business do?

— Where are you now? Size-wise? Financially? Team?

— Where do you want to go? What are your short- and long-term growth objectives?

— How do you plan to get there?

— What if anything do you see as standing in the way of your goals?

If it sounds like you may be a fit, we’ll schedule a 15-30 minute conversation to talk. I’ll fill you in on the details, fee, payment information, and so on, as well as what it’ll take to get started.

Look forward to speaking with you.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

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