This will help with your New Year’s resolutions and goals…


Have you ever struggled to meet your goals?

Maybe you procrastinated.  Maybe you found them too hard and gave up.  Maybe you got distracted, and moved on to the next thing…

Maybe the same thing is going on with you right now…  You set your New Year’s resolutions with all the best intentions, but a couple days into the year and you’re already struggling…

What if I told you that the problem could be how you think about your own mind?

In fact, your metaphor for your conscious and unconscious mind could be one of the BIGGEST issues that makes goals harder to hit, resolutions harder to keep, and keeps your productivity below what you think it should be.

You tell yourself the wrong story about how your mind works…

You have the wrong picture in your head, about what it takes to truly learn and change.  Heck, it’s even the wrong story about what it takes to simply live a good life, and get through your day well.

And by correcting this mental picture, you will:

— Become more forgiving regarding all those times your best efforts and intentions didn’t work, and…

— Become more effective in getting yourself to do what you want to do, and achieve more of your most worthwhile goals, faster?

This is the one big idea I took away from the book, The Happiness Hypothesis, by Jonathan Haidt.

(I listened to the Audiobook.  You can get it free with an Audible free trial.)

If you think your brain works like a computer, think again!

It’s far more interesting than that.

I share the full details in today’s video.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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