Click the book to get it at

Click the book to get it at

On Friday afternoon, I headed out to the mailbox, and in it I found a big padded manila envelope from Perry Marshall.

And this wasn’t one of those impersonal, obviously-done-in-a-mail-shop envelopes “from Perry Marshall.” (I get those, too.)

This one at least came directly from his office. It was personal and NOT a mass-mailing.

I had a clue as to what it might be. But I wanted to be sure. So I rushed inside and ripped it open.

In it was a short personal note, and the new Fourth Edition of his book, the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords.

The note was a thank you.

You see, when the Third Edition of the book came out, I wrote a review for it on Amazon. I explained how I’d used the lessons from his book to totally transform a client’s Google AdWords account.

They’d been spending about $30,000 per month on AdWords, and generating about $30,000 per month in sales.

Month in, month out — same thing.

But when I got control of the account, I turned to Perry’s expertise, through the book.

I struggle to read a whole book and implement everything at once. So I picked out the bits and pieces that seemed the most relevant, and implemented them one-by-one.

I rewrote, tested, rewrote, tested, rewrote, and tested ads in the dozens of campaigns.

I shifted bidding strategies to focus more on the best keywords — heck, I implemented keyword-level tracking in the first place.

I adjusted our landing page strategy — and where appropriate, I sent visitors to pages deeper in the site that were a more exact fit for what they’d been searching for.

I killed entire campaigns that were under-performing by so much they were a dead weight on the whole effort.

The works…

And the results were fantastic…

I was able to cut spending in half — from $30,000 per month to $15,000 per month.

Sales rose, too — from $30,000 per month to as much as $50,000 per month.

That meant that what I’d implemented from the pages of Perry’s book was worth, on a monthly basis, somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000 to $35,000 in PROFIT.

Now these are round numbers and not exact — but they’re pretty accurate.

And that was all for an investment of less than $25 in Perry’s book.

Not only that, I’d implemented some of the same lessons in my own personal projects, and got much HIGHER profitability multiples, though in tiny markets that delivered much smaller dollar volumes.

No matter how you shake a stick at it, the lessons in that book were incredibly powerful for me.

Not just for the AdWords-specific TACTICS taught in the book… But also for the high-level internet marketing STRATEGY Perry also teaches.

And I said so much in my review.

Compare that to the nincompoop reviewer who actually wrote a review of the book WITHOUT buying it, who complained that AdWords changes so fast a print book would surely be out-of-date and should be ignored because feature XYZ wasn’t covered. That guy didn’t get it — this book isn’t just about AdWords, it’s about an entire approach to making substantial stacks of dineros on the internet.

It’s a large part of why I’m a huge fan and follower of Perry to this day. And why I’m so thankful he’s recently become a bit of a more personal acquaintance in the last couple years. (We’re not chummy — but we do shoot back and forth the occasional email, and talk from time to time.)

But why did Perry send ME a copy of his book directly — with a thank you note?!

Well, over pretty much the entire life of the Third Edition of his book on Amazon, my review held the top spot as the user-voted “most helpful” review of the book.

That meant more people read my review and decided it was helpful in their purchase decision than any other review.

And because that review was so powerful, Perry asked me to give a condensed version of the review for the Fourth Edition of the book.

But instead of it being buried at the bottom of the Amazon product page…

My review is the FIRST REVIEW inside the front cover of his book!

Pretty dang cool.

It pretty much says what I’ve already told you — with one more recommendation. Do what I do, and buy copies not just for yourself, but for your friends.

I’ve bought multiple copies of multiple books Perry has written to help others get up to speed online.

I’m not going to buy copies for every Breakthrough Marketing Secrets reader, but I will give you a recommendation if you want to get great at Google AdWords (and internet marketing) very quickly…

In fact, I think this is…

The best way to learn Google AdWords!

Get set up to sell something — ANYTHING — online.

Just find something to sell that delivers good value to buyers, and preferably something you like writing about, dealing with, and so on.

And get a copy of Perry’s book.

It shows you how to (and I’m borrowing promises from the cover of the book)…

In less than 10 minutes — start putting your ads in front of a pool of over 1 billion internet users…

Double your website traffic (or 10X it) overnight…

And build ad campaigns that don’t just get visitors to your site — that generate real profits in your pocket…

Follow Perry’s advice from the book.

Learn how to get qualified traffic to your site. Learn how to convert that traffic into warm leads for your offer. Learn how to turn leads into real buyers. And learn how to do it all at economics that support scalability PLUS immediate profits in your pocket.

Will your results be the same as mine? Not exactly. They may be worse. Or they may make you a millionaire. But this book is grounded in such sound direct marketing principles, applied to Google’s AdWords platform, that it’s almost impossible NOT to make money with it — IF you use it.

So yeah, you should pick up a copy today — click here to buy it from Amazon.

Yes, that’s an affiliate link. So I get a few measly pennies if you buy it. But that’s not the reason I’m recommending it.

And yes, Perry sent me a free copy and it’s quite gratifying to my ego that my testimonial is inside the front cover. But that’s also not the reason I’m recommending it.

I’m recommending it because getting it and using it has been incredibly profitable and beneficial to me as a marketer. And I believe that if you do the same — get it AND use it — you’ll enjoy similar results.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets