Email is pretty much THE most profitable marketing channel…

At scale, the average marketer gets a 4,400% ROI on their email marketing.

Which means they’re bringing in $44 in revenue for every $1 they spend.


But frankly, not that surprising.

Because it’s an incredibly cost-efficient way of communicating.

Both with prospects, and customers.

And if you do it right, it costs you almost nothing to stay in front of your market.

The trick of it is to stay relevant and fresh.

While often talking about the same topics over and over again.

Which means you have to come at those topics from new angles, on a regular basis.

I have a shortcut for writing effective marketing emails…

I use email prompts.

What’s a prompt?  In short, it’s an idea or topic or angle that stimulates you to come up with a message.

This month’s BTMSinsiders Monthly Insiders Call will be on Email Copywriting Prompts.

On the call, I’ll be sharing 30+ different prompts you can use.

They make email copywriting fast and easy.  And make sure you never run out of ideas.

So you can take full advantage of this wildly profitable medium.

These monthly Zoom calls are a benefit to BTMSinsiders membership — in addition to access to the entire training library.

If you’re not yet a member, it might be worth trying it out to join me for the call Thursday.

Back to email though….

In today’s video, I share more about that $1 into $44 stat…

Why email is so profitable…

And I give two examples of prompts that consistently work for me (noting there’s more than two-dozen more to be covered on the call on Thursday afternoon).

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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