We’re 2 months into the COVID-19 shutdown, and we’re NOT back to normal…

Consumers — and the businesses they patronize — have gone through massive changes.

We’re spending more time at home.

We’re going out less.

Many of us are newly unemployed.

Budgets are tight and money’s stopped flowing.

… And yet…

Some businesses are having their best months ever.

Either through the sheer dumb luck of being in a niche that has benefited from the crisis…

Or by pivoting to make sure they were offering what people were buying.

Why are some thriving while others fight to survive?

It’s because they’re solving URGENT problems…

Versus side problems and wants.

What we WANTED 6 months ago might not be relevant today.

But there are still things we NEED today.

Example: we had a flat tire on our van this week, and I still need to fix it.

I don’t care if there’s a pandemic or not.  (And we’re being careful to avoid getting the virus.)  We’re going to figure out a way to buy a new tire.

— Do you have a way to solve your market’s urgent problems?

— Is there an urgent angle you can put on your product that can encourage more business today?

— And what are the URGENT problems people are actually solving today?

Today’s video has some ideas and inspiration for you.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr