This has saved me (at least) dozens of hours in the last couple of years…

It’s also been critical in collecting thousands in revenue in the last couple weeks, since this whole coronavirus crisis started.

It’s a simple tool for booking calls.

Booking sales calls.

Booking customer or client calls.

I have also used it in prospecting — getting clients.

In fact, it’s one of the first pieces of tech I believe every client business needs to set up — even before a website.  (This is part of the process I’m laying out in The Client-Getting Blueprint.)

What is this wonderful tool?

Call booking software.  (Here’s a video I made today about my setup.)

Today, in our sudden and forced move to remote working, I believe this tool is even more important…

Because we need both to be available AND to protect our time, as more people work from home and juggle new responsibilities like manage kids at home who need us to play teacher role, as well as working parent (and business owner, and…).

I use Book Like A Boss.  I have it hooked to my Zoom account and my Google Calendar.

In one fell swoop someone can go to a link I give them, book a call (paid or free, depending on the link I send), know it will fit on my calendar, schedule a private Zoom meeting, put it on both of our calendars, trigger email reminders, process the payment, and a whole lot more.

I estimate for every FREE call I book, this tool saves me 10-20 minutes of back-and-forth emailing.

For PAID calls where there would be payments, invoices, and so on, it probably saves me 20-30 minutes.

Not only that, it makes it EASY for clients to book these calls and give me money.  Which, for example, has been very useful this week as clients hire me for copy reviews to discuss how to shift messaging in this volatile environment.

My recommendation?

Even if you don’t get my recommended tool, find one that works for you and get it pronto.

It was a lifesaver before the current sudden onslaught of remote working.

It’s even more valuable today, as I describe in today’s video issue of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr