From a personal email I wrote recently — if you hire copywriters, this is how you want to think if you want to build a $100+-million company…

Quick story.

I’m currently working with Brian Kurtz at Boardroom/Bottom Line. We’re putting together the promotion and campaign strategy for an event called The Titans of Direct Response. (If you want an invite for the event, see the PS below!)

In case you don’t know of Boardroom or their Bottom Line brand, they’re a direct response company that’s been around since the 1970s, and one of the biggest direct mailers outside of the banking industry. They’ve mailed over 1.3 billion pieces of mail in the last two decades. At their peak, they were doing over $150 million annually in direct mail sales. They’ve also done hundreds of millions in infomercial volume, and done significant space advertising, online advertising, etc.

Marty Edelston

The late Marty Edelston, founder of Boardroom, Inc.

This coming event is to commemorate the life and career of the company’s founder, Marty Edelston, who passed away last October. It’s featuring a group of the most influential minds in direct response.

Anyway, Marty was known for hiring the best copywriters and consultants in the business.

The folks who built Reader’s Digest, Time Life Books, and others went on to work with Marty. Also, the copywriters he worked with often cost $25,000 – $100,000 just to write a single direct mail promotion. And he’d hire them two or three at a time to test their packages against each other. The winner would receive a $.05 per piece mailed royalty, which doesn’t seem like much until you realize that their top copywriters have been responsible for over 200 million pieces mailed, each, in the last couple decades. Some individual promotions mailed in the tens of millions (do the math).

Marty’s attitude about this all — which he considered to be one of his big secrets to building his business to $100 million and beyond — was that it wasn’t a good year unless he paid his top copywriters more in royalties than he earned for the year as the owner of the business.

That meant he was doing everything possible to build the business to everything it could be.

I understand that not every business person thinks this way (it’s actually very rare). And that not all businesses have the systems in place to make this happen right away.

But I’m most interested in continuing to build my business with clients who think this way, and who’ve built the systems to make it happen. When the relationship is any less, I feel like I end up doing the client a disservice. Maybe it shouldn’t be that way, but I recognize that it is.

If you hire copywriters… If you want a direct response promotion or campaign put together properly… If you want your marketing and advertising to generate all the sales possible…

Don’t go cheap.

Especially avoid elance…. Odesk… And all the other sites that are designed to attract copywriters who will deliver at the lowest possible bid…

Further, try to move price down a few notches on your buying criteria.

Yes, maybe you’ll find an okay copywriter cheap.

But if you want to achieve maximum success… Maximum sales…

Well, you should consider the best copywriters REASSURINGLY EXPENSIVE.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

PS: If you’d like to receive first notice when Brian opens up registrations to The Titans of Direct Response… Sign up at his website, at

You’ll get an invitation the moment it goes public. I will ONLY reveal what Brian has shared elsewhere… That it will feature Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, and Ken McCarthy. And Boardroom copywriters Parris Lampropoulos, David Deutsch, Eric Betuel and Arthur Johnson. (But the full list is actually MUCH bigger!)
And it’s on September 11th and 12th, in Stamford, CT, the home of Boardroom, Inc. For the rest… Including an invite when public registrations go “live…” You’ll have to sign up at Brian’s site.