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trash-emailToday, I’m going to ask you to unsubscribe from Breakthrough Marketing Secrets…

I thought about talking about the election.  From an apolitical bent.  Something like “5 big marketing lessons to learn from today’s election.”  But I didn’t even want to go there.

All I’ll say is that you should exercise your right to vote IF you inform and educate yourself about what and who you’re voting for first, and make a rational decision.  Preferably based on personal principles and the Golden Rule.  Don’t just vote for someone because people like us (marketers) used emotional manipulation to get you to hate the opposition.

Enough election though…

Why you should unsubscribe from my emails…

The last few weeks, I’ve been cleaning out my inboxes.  And especially, trying to prevent more clutter — by unsubscribing from everything I’m not excited to read as soon as it arrives in my inbox.

The truth is we’re all completely inundated today.

Not just email.  Social media.  The news media.  Information sources around our personal and professional interests.

Everybody wants your email address.  Everybody wants you to sign up.  And everybody wants to send you so much crap it’ll make your head explode.

I’ve found a sense of peace as all of my unsubscribes have lowered the email volume.  And this is even after I used a ton of filters to minimize the amount of emails that would actually end up in my inbox.

It gives me more space between interruptions.  It gives me more mental energy to focus on what’s important — both professionally and personally.

My goal isn’t to get to NO email — I actually think email is a good thing, and want certain marketing and content emails to keep coming.

Rather, my goal is to get to ONLY IMPORTANT email.  I want to be excited every time I see new email in my inbox.  Like it’s 1996 all over again.

How the “less is more” mentality will improve your life…

I’ve found, more and more, that the most successful people I meet tend to focus on less, not more.

How to be great at ONE THING, not all the things.  Focusing on a TINY to-do list and getting it done, rather than letting unlimited tasks pile up.  Getting one marketing system or funnel right, and maximizing its results, rather than trying something new every week.

It’s not that they don’t do other things.  It’s that they know their energy is best served by focusing on the vital few, rather than the trivial many.  (There’s a little 80-20 language in there, for those of you in the know.)

The reality is that it’s usually a very small amount of the effort, resources, activities, and investment of time and energy that will yield outstanding results in our life.

If we let ourselves be consumed with information overload, it’s because we’re not willing to say “no” to what’s less important, in favor of what will truly move the needle.

The better we filter, the better our lives will be.

I want you to judge today whether Breakthrough Marketing Secrets deserves to get through your filters…

The reality is that out of every 10 subscribers I get, there are probably 20% who should and do fall off pretty much immediately, because I’m not a fit for them.

And there’s another 20% of what’s left that will eventually fall off, because for whatever reason or disconnect, they’re not getting value.

On the other end of the spectrum there are 20% who are a good fit out of the gates, and who consume every essay I write with insatiable hunger.

Even in that 20% are 20% of those who will make up a strong majority of my success stories.  Because they read, internalize, and apply these lessons to their life on a regular and consistent basis.

While I welcome ANY reader to try me on for size, I know I won’t be a fit for all.

If you don’t feel like you’re in at least the top 20%, you’ll probably never do business with me.  You’ll probably never take the relationship any further.  You probably won’t apply much of what I share, either.  And so it’s better you and I part company on good terms.  If that’s you, you should absolutely use the unsubscribe link in this email and decrease my clutter from your life.

On the other hand, if you do feel like you’re in the top 20% in terms of fit with me, you’re probably subscribed to at least 4 other emails where you don’t have that same level of fit.  And in that case, you should probably unsubscribe from them, and double-down on reading Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

I want you to focus on the fewest activities that will lead to the greatest success — even if that means you unsubscribe from me!

You won’t hear this much today.  You won’t hear it much in general.

I want the best for YOU.

If we align and I’m able to give you what you feel will move the needle most for you, I would love that.

If we don’t align and the best for you means saying goodbye to me, well that’s fine, too.

Either way, I think you can take a huge leap forward today by reconsidering what messages you get every day that are really adding to your life in some meaningful way…  And which are simply taking precious time and mental energy to manage.

Then make your decision.

If it’s time for us to say goodbye, here’s an unsubscribe link: {!remove_web}

If you’re going to stick around…

You should know that the one skill set that I believe has the biggest transformational effect on a copywriter, salesperson, or marketer’s ability to generate results is STORY.

Specifically, the use of story as a communication tool to connect with your audience, on the way toward making the sale.

If you’re feeling “information overload” about where you can focus your marketing education, this is worth seriously considering.

YES, I created a course on this.  Yes, I’ve offered it for sale.

It’s not just because I’m trying to sell you on the program that I’m telling you this — though I’d be lying to you if I told you this wasn’t at least a motivating factor.

The thing is, I created this course BECAUSE I believe it’s one of the most important selling, copywriting, and persuasion skills you can develop.  Once I created it with that conviction, it only makes sense to tell you about it — and to shout it from the rooftops.

I’ve come to know personally many of the top results-driven direct marketers in the world.  And ALL of them consider story to be absolutely critical.

Yesterday, I released a video on the 3 Pillars of Highly-Effective Story Selling.  If you haven’t seen it yet, watch it.

Earlier today, I released a “case study” video on Story Selling — real-life examples of stories that generated millions of dollars in sales.  WATCH IT NOW!

Even if you’ve been feeling information overload, I think this is worth clearing your plate for.  Two more videos will be coming later this week, if you stick around for them.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr