perry-marshallSometimes you get an email that’s a total wake-up call…

I’m a fan of Perry Marshall.

I’m also a friend.  On one of his recent trips to my town of Lincoln, NE — where he’s from, and still has family — we sat down for a couple hours over coffee.  And chatted about life, the universe, and everything.  (And a little biz, too.)

I’ve followed Perry for years.

He does this strange thing with his email list, too.

He occasionally sends out an email that basically says, “I only want to email you as much as you want to be emailed.”

And he offers a couple options.  One of which basically says, “Send me everything, Perry!”

Every time I get that email, I tell him to send me everything.  And not just to my side email address that I use to sign up for everything.  No, Perry has unfiltered access to my main business email.  Because I want to pay attention to everything he says.

Today Perry sent me an email about sales letters and email autoresponders that totally blew my mind…

Now, I’ve been using email autoresponders since at least January 2007.

That’s when I launched a site, with my dad, about how to cut foam wings for model airplanes.

My dad had the video he’d made, and had been selling it on eBay.  It wasn’t selling as well and the auctions limited its price, so I volunteered to set up a site to sell it.

I wrote a short sales letter, and an email autoresponder sequence.

I also raised the price from his recent eBay average of $5 all the way up to $29 for the same video.

And over the next few years, we made thousands of dollars off a very, very tiny niche of people who want to cut foam wings for their model airplanes.

Most of the sales there were made AFTER someone had signed up and been on our email list for a while — getting as many as 26 automated emails over months before purchasing.

In fact, the only way I was able to afford paid traffic to drive sales of that product was because we made so many sales with the autoresponder.

And this is a principle Perry teaches…

Autoresponders are the real secret to making big online profits!

Often the folks who make the most money in any niche online aren’t doing it because they can turn a cold prospect into a buyer with their smokin’ hot sales copy.

They’re doing it because they can turn a cold prospect into someone who signs up for their email autoresponder series…  Then the cold prospect becomes warmer and warmer with every autoresponder email they get…  And eventually that prospect gets warm then hot enough to buy.

The way you make AdWords work (and Perry’s the world’s most quoted expert on AdWords) is not by being great at AdWords, but by having an effective autoresponder sequence…

The way you make Facebook ads (or any social media marketing) work is by driving people off social media, onto your autoresponder list, and then converting them to customers through a series of emails…

In fact…  The way you make almost any paid media work to generate massive influxes of customers and profits online…

Is through great email marketing — and especially autoresponders!

I already knew all this when I got an email from Perry this morning — about email autoresponders — that completely blew my mind!

SUBJECT: “Easily beat your best sales letter.”

Okay — so I opened it because it talked about easily beating your best sales letter.  I’m getting there.

Perry’s opening lines…

The key to beating your best sales letter ever is simple…

Beat it without a sales letter – use a series of autoresponders.

Not only do you get to “ask for the order” more than once, but if you do it correctly you’re going to bond with your audience in a way that you could never do with even the best sales letter.

Perry went on to explain a recent experiment he conducted, using paid Google AdWords traffic.

He picked one of his best sales letters.

He ran a split test against it.

The first half of the traffic went straight to that sales letter that asked for the order, and that was proven to work over many months’ of testing.

The second half of the traffic went to a similar sales letter.  But instead of asking for the order, the sales letter offered a series of instructional emails through autoresponders.

It wasn’t until someone was signed up for and started getting the autoresponders that they were made the direct offer to purchase.

And what were Perry’s results from testing a typical “ask for the order” sales letter versus an “autoresponder as offer” sales letter?

Hold onto your socks — or else this is gonna knock ‘em off…

For the first few days, the sales letter that was asking for the order was doing better.

But while that was happening, a bunch of NEW email subscribers were joining Perry’s list, via this email autoresponder offer…

And within four days, the sales letter with the autoresponders shot into the lead…

Within seven days, the autoresponder letter had DOUBLED the response to the control…



(Sorry for “yelling” with ALL CAPS — this is just REALLY exciting stuff!)

Within just one week, the autoresponder letter had generated $2 for every $1 the straight sales letter did.

PLUS it’s a ton of new people on Perry’s list, who will keep getting emails from him for months and even years.

The straight sales letter led to either “sale” or “bounce” — meaning everyone who didn’t buy is mostly lost…

But because of the email autoresponder…

The autoresponder version will keep piling up new customers and revenue, further trouncing the control.

PLUS Perry can sell other products or services to those email subscribers — so the ROI will just continue to multiply, well beyond the doubled-sales-within-seven-days of this experiment.

Pretty dang cool.

Wanna see how all this stuff REALLY works?

I’m sharing this because it quite literally gave me a big game-changing a-ha moment.

This email from Perry sent a rush of dopamine straight to my brain.

And I thought by sharing it with you, you might find it incredibly powerful — and, actionable!  For your own business, or for your clients’.

You could literally take what I’ve just told you, implement it, and have the very real chance of doubling the ROI of your best-performing sales letter today.

That said, Perry was also pitching something.

Perry and his personal copywriter have pulled back the curtain on all their email autoresponder secrets.

Revealing not only why this test worked, but their secrets behind some of the most powerful, profitable email marketing strategies on the planet.

Now, I do happen to be an affiliate — so I get paid if you buy through my link.  But I’m big enough of a fan of Perry that I’d promote what he’s doing anyway.

That said, if you want to check out Perry’s Autoresponder Bootcamp — and all the innermost secrets for pulling off a feat like this…

Click here to get Perry’s best insights and strategies for multiplying your profits with email autoresponders.

Considering that emails like this are the real secret to making paid traffic work…  You might want to jump on that!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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