Is your copywriting deadly dull and boring?

Too many copywriters, marketers, and entrepreneurs try too hard to look “good” and “professional.”  As a result?  They come across as too dang vanilla for anybody in their market to actually care about them.

Today’s issue is as much a reminder for myself as it is for you.

There’s huge value in being entertaining.

Not for entertainment’s sake.

But rather, being entertaining because you’re actually stepping up, living life a little loud, getting attention, being outrageous, having a personality, willing to not be normal, and — gasp — having fun.

Your market will pay attention to what is interesting…

That often means outrageous.  Loud.  Different.  Strange.  Odd.  Rebellious.

We are entertained by what is different…  And good advertising will channel that.

It doesn’t mean your competitors or industry will like you.

It doesn’t mean your family will like your ads.

But your market will pay attention.

And if you do with intention and self-awareness, they’ll probably appreciate it.  And respond.  Which is the ultimate measure, right?

(Side note: I think this is doubly hard when it comes to working with clients, because the copywriter brings their baggage AND the client brings their baggage, and the result is a well-written but ultimately boring ad.)

Examples, resources, pitfalls, and some suggestions are all wrapped up in today’s video…

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Resources mentioned in this video:

Monthly Insiders Call on Gary Halbert’s “Illegal Sexual Stimulant” TOVA Perfume Launch Ad, September 28, 2020

Bill Glazer’s book, Outrageous Advertising that’s Outrageously Successful

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