When a business has a “one-and-done” product or service, should they do ongoing relationship marketing with their customers?

Today’s episode is based on a subscriber question.

They gave the example of a contractor who specializes in window screens.

Should a business like this do regular content marketing to their past customers?

And what would that even look like?

I ended up challenging a lot of assumptions in my answer to this question.

And in the end I basically laid out a business model that anybody could use with a whole mix of local businesses, in order to provide a TON of value all around.

(And you don’t have to do window screens or any similar service to do this — frankly, a copywriter or marketer might be the best fit for this, in partnership with these local businesses.)

Check out today’s episode for a new approach to relationship marketing for one-and-done businesses…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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