What’s the most important idea in Dan Kennedy’s No B.S. Direct Marketing book?

Hint, it’s found in his 10 No B.S. Rules of Direct Marketing for Non-Direct Marketing Businesses:

Rule #1: There Will ALWAYS Be an Offer or Offers.

Rule #2: There Will Be Reason to Respond Right Now.

Rule #3: You Will Give Clear Instructions.

Rule #4: There Will Be Tracking, Measurement, and Accountability.

Rule #5: Only No-Cost Brand-Building.

Rule #6: There Will Be Follow-up.

Rule #7: There Will Be Strong Copy.

Rule #8: It Will Look Like Mail-Order Advertising.

Rule #9: Results Rule. Period.

Rule #10: You Will Be a Tough-Minded Disciplinarian and Put Your Business on a Strict Direct Marketing Diet.

Wanna guess which one I find most important?

I’m guessing you’ll get it wrong.  Pick your guess and then watch the video.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr