Gary Bencivenga personally gave me one of his HUGE secrets of copywriting success…

And it had nothing to do with the words themselves.

At the start of today’s episode, I actually read Gary’s personal message to me, where I reveal this secret.

But the gist of it is this…

If you use NEW MEDIA FORMATS — especially when they meet the DIFFERENT but SAME criteria I talk about in today’s episode — you can generate far more response and profits from essentially the same marketing messages.

Discover the secrets in today’s episode on NEW MEDIA = MORE PROFITS…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr


PS: Make sure you watch today’s episode to the end.

Because this week you’re going to hear a LOT about “Million Dollar Google Docs” from Ian Stanley.  The way Ian teaches this DEFINITELY falls under the NEW MEDIA = MORE PROFITS idea.  And a lot of people (including me) are going to encourage you to buy it with our affiliate links, when the sale opens on Thursday.

Do not buy from Ian Stanley (or any affiliate offers) until you’ve read about my bonus for using my link.  (And definitely DO NOT buy from Daniel Throssell.)

Here’s what I describe at the end of today’s episode…

I’m launching a covert promo this week, using Google Docs to sell Million Dollar Google Docs — PLUS another NEW MEDIA = MORE PROFITS format — as a copywriting service.  And for people who buy from my link, you’ll have the opportunity to join me for an exclusive live training where I walk through the entire promo.  PLUS I reveal that other NEW MEDIA = MORE PROFITS opportunity that’s actually generating EVEN MORE SALES than Google Docs.

The official launch is Thursday, 5/26.  So make sure you WAIT FOR MY EMAIL on Thursday before you choose to buy Million Dollar Google Docs.  Because the ONLY way you’ll get this bonus training on selling this as a copywriting service — plus this other new media format — is by ordering through my links.

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