This could be one of the dumbest LinkedIn prospecting DMs I’ve ever gotten…

Seriously, this guy immediately destroyed my trust.

And you’d think he’d have seen it coming.

You’d think he wouldn’t have done it.

Especially with so clear and easy of a way for me to verify that what he was saying was clear and utter B.S.

Now, I don’t think YOU would do this.

But let it serve as a fair warning.  Whether you’re trying to get clients and leads on LinkedIn…  Or doing cold email…  Or doing cold DMs on Facebook or Instagram or wherever else you might chase clients…

Don’t do what this guy did!

(Oh, and make sure you stay tuned through the part of the episode where I talk about the 2 things that must be true for prospects to respond.)

LinkedIn Prospecting FAIL (don’t do this!)

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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