He wants to know how to use Lead Magnets to get more clients…

That’s the big ask in today’s Mailbox Monday question.

How to use this lead generation tool as part of an overall strategy for bringing clients and customers in the door.

(Hint: Lead Magnets are an excellent and almost essential tool in many, many cases — especially if you want to spend money on paid advertising, and especially if you use them the way I describe in today’s episode.)

The Lead Magnet question is good enough on its own.

But what pushed me over the edge and caused me to pick THIS question among the dozens I’ve gotten recently was something else…

He asked about HOW to present that Lead Magnet in a lead generation ad, and specifically how you might (or might not) also include your main offer in the lead generation ad as well.

THIS is important.  Because if you screw this up and do it wrong, you will get far less leads and far less sales.  (The opposite also being true: If you do it right, you will get far MORE LEADS and MORE SALES.)

Which is why I’m combining a major copywriting lesson into this chat about Lead Magnets.

It’s all in today’s episode…

Lead Magnets to get Clients & Customers + How to Write Lead-Generation Ads

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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