Why you will NOT get any issues of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets next week…

As you probably know, next week is my Advanced Direct Response Copywriting Workshop, here in Lincoln, Nebraska.

And although the workshop is actually only taking place Thursday through Saturday, I expect to be doing substantial prep work for all of next week.

For the sake of the attendees of the workshop, I’ve decided I’m going to take next week off from my daily emails, and focus on the final work I need to do to make this workshop a huge success.

That’s right — I’m stopping (temporarily) publishing Breakthrough Marketing Secrets!

I’ll pick back up publication on Monday, November 17th.

In the meantime, I’ll miss you — go out there and make something happen in your life or in your business.

Before I go, an incredibly valuable video on copywriting!

Earlier this week I got an email from superstar copywriter Richard Armstrong.

I’ve managed to endear myself to him by being a huge fan of his novel. He claims it as the world’s ONLY novel about a junk mail copywriter. And I think he’s right… Which I pointed out to him gives him the opportunity for some better positioning… The world’s BEST-SELLING, and unequivocally BEST novel about a junk mail copywriter. Unfortunately that didn’t keep it in print — but I’m still going to keep peddling it because I think it’s a riot. You’ll probably have to pick up a limited-run, first-edition used copy though if there’s one still available.

Anyway, Richard was the keynote speaker at AWAI’s recent Bootcamp.

And the lesson he delivered in his keynote speech — that set the stage for the rest of Bootcamp — was, I think, probably THE most important lesson in copywriting.

In fact, I’m going to spend almost the entire first day of my workshop next week diving into the HOW TO of the WHAT that Richard covered.

And so, unless you were there to see Richard deliver this speech in person, I recommend watching it before the weekend is done. I’m told Katie at AWAI only plans to leave this video public for a very short time.

Heck, even if you were there — this one is worth watching again!

Here’s the video…

I hope you get some powerful breakthroughs out of Richard’s speech!

Have a great weekend, I’ll miss you next week, and we’ll catch back up in about 10 days!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets