success-kidHey Rainmaker, I’m SQUEEZED really tight to get this issue to you, so I’m going to go for the jugular…

I think it’s time for a big dose of JUST DO IT!!!

I write this email, and it goes out to a lot of people.

I know I have a lot of copywriters on my list, including some struggling to make ends meet.  In fact, I just wrapped up a great webinar on a subject that I think will create some huge breakthroughs for copywriters in that situation.  (Free for folks who took me up on my free+shipping offer on The Copywriter’s Guide To Getting Paid.)

I also know I have partners in and owners of multi-million dollar direct response companies.  Folks at the upper echelon of direct marketing, who would make your jaw drop at their level of success (unless, of course, you IS them.)

And, everybody in between.

Today’s message, short and sweet, applies equally across the board…

You want something?  Go get it.  Set your sights and find a way to make it happen.

You need to get something?  Find a way to get it.  You don’t know if you’re going to fail or succeed until you try…  But if you try once you’re far more likely to succeed than if you don’t try at all.  And if you don’t stop trying, there are very few things you can’t achieve.

Just do it.

I’ve come back to that point over and over again.

It’s not a meaningless platitude, as some might dismiss it as.

It’s a friggin’ motto for life, for success, for achieving what you want to achieve.

I’ve gotten everything I wanted in life when I decided I was going to Just Do It…

I discovered copywriting and direct marketing, after I’d gotten my degree and set myself down a different meandering career path.

Suddenly, I had clarity that this was what I wanted to do.

I set my focus, my intention, on making it happen.

I knew I wasn’t going to be a successful freelancer right out of the gate, and I needed income, so I decided I was going to get a great marketing job.

I figured out what I needed to do, and went out and got it.

Then, I still knew I wanted to be a freelancer.  So I honed my chops on my own, then branched out before and after work to offering my copywriting services to clients.

I got ‘em.

One client wasn’t enough, so I kept reaching out, and reaching out.  Including, to some incredible companies and marketers that had me shakin’ in my boots as I introduced myself.

They became clients.

I set myself to be the best of the best, improving just 1% per week (minimum), as Gary Bencivenga taught me.

Suddenly, I was playing with the big boys and girls of the direct marketing world.

I came up with a list of who my ideal clients would be, and started reaching out to them and getting to know them.

Very quickly, many of my ideal clients became my real clients.

Then, I started Breakthrough Marketing Secrets to share my experience and things I’ve learned out into the world…  And to start publishing information on marketing, copywriting, selling, business, and more.

That’s happening…

I have other intentions that I’ve set, that are continuing to become reality — although I can’t necessarily share all the details.

Is it The Secret?  Is it The Law Of Attraction?

Maybe.  “Whatever you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.”  That was Earl Nightingale’s quote, that became the core message of The Secret.  I don’t think Nightingale was the first, either.

Except, I think it ignores one big truth about the way the world works.

I can think all day about a lot of things, and never have them come true.

I think about becoming an electronic musician rock star, for example.

Is it happening?  Nada.  Why?  Because aside from a few hours here and there, tinkering around and making tunes, I’m not making it the focus and drive of what I DO.

I’m ONLY thinking about it.

If you want what you conceive and believe for your life to come true, you have to Just Do It!

There will be roadblocks.

There will be setbacks.

There will be people who pull you down and stand in your way.

You may even reach a point where you’re beaten, worn, tired, and ready to give up.

If you do, you won’t get what you’ve been aiming for, or what you’ve been working for.

If you do, all your effort will have been for naught.

What you’re going through when you’re fighting toward that goal are all the obstacles that get in the way of your competition.

What you’re going through are the price others who’ve succeeded paid for their success (if not the same tolls, their own similar ones).

Success ain’t easy.  If it were, we’d all have everything we ever wanted, no stress, and no strife.

The world wouldn’t be a very interesting place, either.

Success is hard, but it’s simple.

Just do it.

And when it’s hard, do it harder.

Make sure you’re working smart, following proven paths.  Learn from those who’ve come before you.

But then, take massive action.  Set your sights.  Aim for the goal.

And make it happen.

Leave it all on the field.

At the very least, you can be proud of your effort.  That while others sat around and complained about their situation, and said “it can’t be done,” you put in the effort.

And frankly, by doing it, even if you don’t land exactly where you hoped, you’re likely to land ahead of where you were.

That’s how you move forward.

That’s how the world moves forward.


When are you going to “Just Do It”… ?

There’s no better time than now!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets