(source flickr:Colin_K)I need a favor. And there’s something big in it for you.

You see, I feel like I’ve been doing you a disservice.

I feel like I may be missing the mark with you. Not providing you the specific answers you want and need to have answered on the subject of copywriting. Either on copywriting as a freelancer, or copywriting for your own business.

And I’d like to take advantage of today’s Grab Bag Friday to do something different.

I’ve put together a mini-survey. One page. Very short. Won’t take more than 5 minutes.

Click here to take my mini-survey.

Mostly, it’s to ask you what your two most pressing questions on copywriting are.

Please take a minute today to fill out the survey.

I’ll make it very much worth your while…

I’m going to take the questions you submit, and give you the answers in a FREE teleseminar!

It won’t cost you anything to attend.

I just need you to fill out the survey right away with some really good questions for me to answer.

I’ll announce the details of the teleseminar next week.

Again, it’ll be free.

All you have to do is give me some great questions to answer, so I can make the content AMAZING for YOU.


Just go here and fill out the quick mini-survey!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets