I know something about you that you probably don’t want me to know…

I was into psychology for the understanding long before I was into it for the marketing and persuasion.  And yet, some of the deepest truths about how our minds work can be immensely valuable in both places.

Both in knowing ourselves.  And in knowing others, such that we can ethically persuade them to do things that are in their best interests.

This is one of those truths.  It’s about me.  And it’s about you.

And for most of us, we have a huge vested interest in keeping it secret.

We wear masks to protect ourselves.  So we don’t have to be vulnerable and admit it.  We build our entire lives around these masks and the false identities we create.

And yet deep inside — we know.  We know, and so we feel like a fraud, an impostor.

We know, but we hide it.  Sometimes from ourselves.  Always from the world.

What is this secret?

It’s in today’s (NSFW for language reasons) Video Friday issue…

NOTE: This was one of the earliest content videos I created for Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.  Even if you’ve seen it before, watch it again.  My ulterior motive for not creating a new video is that I’m on TWO separate deadlines today.  But that doesn’t make this video any less relevant or powerful.  It’s a message I’ve shared — and even I could use to remember it more often.  If it’s the right moment for you, hearing this could be a breakthrough well beyond your business.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr