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easy-buttonToday, I’m going to tell you how to “hack” product creation to make products people will be more likely to buy…

Now, a LOT has been said, in many places, about what makes successful products.

I think the biggest factor, by far, is identifying a problem and solving it.

If your product doesn’t solve a problem (moving people away from pain or toward pleasure), it’s going to be a hard sell.  It may NEVER sell.

There’s not too many ways around that.

And yet…

Two virtually identical products that solve the same problem can have vastly different sales figures.

For example, take the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

It came out in 1997.  How many other financial books came out in 1997?

There had to have been AT LEAST ONE with comparably helpful financial advice.  In fact, there were probably quite a few that offered BETTER advice!  (That’s not a judgment of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, it’s just a very likely truth.)

And yet, Rich Dad, Poor Dad has gone on to become one of the best selling financial books of all time.

What about all the other financial books published in 1997?  You’d be hard-pressed to find many that are still in print (unless you can get them “print on demand”).

Why was Rich Dad, Poor Dad so successful when comparable “solutions” weren’t?

Because Robert Kiyosaki hacked the product creation process…

He didn’t just solve a problem, he created a product around a story.

Having a product built around a story drastically increases its sellability…

I’m going through this with a client right now.

This is for a financial “trading” service for investors.

This service has been around for about a year.  It’s been moderately successful.

They hired me to put together a campaign to relaunch the service.

I worked closely with them, not knowing the angle or narrative we’d follow.

We figured out a STORY in their approach to trading.

Now, the problem-solution narrative of most investment products is pretty simple: you want to make money, we will show you how to make money.

That’s no longer exciting when everybody offers it.

We found out though that there were specific events the editors of this service used as guides for their trades.

Without going into too much detail, we realized that this was a story in itself.

We were able to tell the story of how that was used in the past — and paint a picture of how this story applies to upcoming opportunities.

Then, we went all the way back to the product itself, and we’re rebranding it around this story.

The more you can integrate story into your product itself, the easier it is to sell it…

And this even applies to physical products…

One of my favorite examples is my client Lee Bellinger, who sells backup solar generators.

He literally invented the generator he wanted, because nobody else was making one that met his needs.

In this story, we’re able to go back through his process of searching out an ideal solution.

We can talk about all the shortcomings of all the other generator options out there.

We can talk about all the features an ideal backup solar generator would have.

Then, we can tell his story of invention, of how he built this ideal generator to spec, because nobody else had built it yet.

This is far more interesting than a jargon-packed feature list.

If possible, build — or rebuild — your product around a STORY…

This especially applies in a saturated market, where you have to stand out from other similar products.

But it really makes any product more interesting, unique, and easier to sell.

Find the selling story that will appeal to the market.  (My Story Selling Master Class breaks down over a dozen selling story templates.)

Figure out how to map it onto your experience, or the product itself.

Either build or rebuild your product to match.

And then use the selling story to differentiate your product in your marketing.

This is a HUGE opportunity, if all you’ve been selling is features and benefits, or even problems and solutions.

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