It almost got me fired…

I thought the training itself was great.  Useful.  Helpful content.

But as an offer?  As something that was worth our business investing a ton of money and energy into selling?

Well, it was destined for failure.

But the guy who approved my salary and signed my paychecks didn’t agree with me.

He wanted this to be an excellent offer.  He wanted this to be his best-seller.

And he threatened to fire me if I didn’t make it so.

Which, for the sake of continuing to have food on the table…

Well, it had me sweating bullets.

In today’s episode, I share that story, and its outcome…

Plus a unique perspective on creating offers — for direct response marketers, or really any business.

>>> How to Create Offers that Sell…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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Irresistible Offers: Designing Offers for Maximum Sales & Profits

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