He said business is “booming.”

Even in the middle of the coronavirus, his in-person business has all the clients he can handle.

In fact, he’s having to pump the brakes on the business, because he wants to be careful to avoid being overbooked in the middle of a pandemic.

I’ve asked him if we can do a video testimonial, so I can share more of his story with you.

But this client’s email has me reflecting…

What makes me different than everyone else who teaches marketing?

And this doesn’t just apply if you book a paid consultation with me.

It also applies to how I teach marketing, in the 100+ hours of training inside the BTMSinsiders training library.

It applies to everything I do.  Including these daily issues of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

It’s based on the thinking behind it.

I don’t just teach you dumb little marketing gimmicks that worked for the schmuck selling you the gimmick.

I teach you the thinking behind effective marketing.

Which is far more powerful.  And creates much bigger breakthroughs.

Today’s video is a value-bomb of one of the most important thinking models I’ve ever created, ever shared, and that you could ever learn — to get better at copywriting, marketing, or any other skill.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr