“It’s not your fault…”

It’s probably one of the most important phrases in copywriting.

Because it makes the prospect feel like you’re NOT blaming them for their problem.

Like you understand…

They’re doing the best they can.  And they deserve some slack.

They know they’re in pain.

They probably also know — on at least some level — how it’s their fault.

But they don’t want to admit it.

There’s a lyric from Radiohead that I love…

“You do it to yourself, you do…  That’s why it really hurts…  You do it to yourself, it’s true…  You and no-one else…”

We’re okay listening to shoe-gazing music that tells us this.

We’re not okay listening to someone trying to sell us something, telling us the same thing.

But that’s only part of it.

Top copywriters know exactly when to put the prospect in the middle of the experience…

…  And when to remove them from the spotlight, and let them watch.

I go deep on this topic in today’s video.

When you’re talking about a problem, do you put that on the prospect?

Where do you assign blame for the problem?

And who is in the spotlight when you talk about the solution and the benefits?

And what the heck does mindfulness meditation and understanding the neuroscience of empathy and emotions have to do with it?

It’s a deep topic, and you’ll have to watch the video for full details.

Watch now.

It’s chock full of breakthroughs.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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