1200px-AmericanflagsNot your regular issue of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets today.

I’m spending some time with family, and hopefully by the time you’re reading this I’m at the neighborhood pool…  As long as the weather holds and a thunderstorm doesn’t roll in.

For those of you NOT in the US, I’ll start by simply wishing you a happy Monday.  Make it a great rest of your day!

For those in the US, happy Memorial Day!

I’m not one to honor war (I think it’s pretty dumb except when absolutely necessary for defense — and then, ONLY to neutralize a threat)…  But I do respect and honor the sacrifice of those who died protecting a country they loved.

Hopefully as we remember those who died in service, we can also remember today what a nasty, atrocious thing war is.  That it leads to so much needless death and destruction.  And that if we could all hold a little more love, forgiveness, acceptance, contribution, and understanding in our hearts…  Maybe, just maybe, it could stop happening so much.

And today if you’re celebrating Memorial Day in the way so many folks do — on the water, grilling, spending time outside, having fun, having a few adult beverages — I hope you stay safe and have a great time!

I’ll be back tomorrow with a belated Mailbox Monday issue, and I have a few more gems in store for you later this week!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr