How to get more done in less time!

There’s a new tool that could help you be massively more productive…

Although some people have been using versions of this tool for years, many others simply haven’t learned just how powerful it can be.

And so, even though it could be THE most powerful productivity tool, many productivity-wannabes haven’t picked it up yet.

But I’m going to share it with YOU today.

And if you pick it up and start using it, you could see a dramatic change in your ability to get your most important things done.

You’ll get projects done faster — and on time.

You’ll produce more work.

You’ll get more results.

You’ll even have people look up to you for your productivity genius!  (Of course, you can choose whether or not to reveal that you’re using this tool.)

Even better news…

I’m going to share this tool with you and you can start using it…

100% free.

No risk.

No obligation.

Just try it for yourself.

If you like it, keep it.  If not, you’re out nothing.

But I think you’ll want to keep it — in fact, I don’t think I’ll be able to wrench it from your hands once you really learn its power.

What is this MASSIVE productivity tool?

Well, let me keep the secret a moment longer.

I was reminded of this tool as I’m preparing for my Financial Copywriters Workshop, that starts first thing tomorrow morning.

Over the last few days I’ve gotten a TON done in preparation for this little closed-door workshop.

I have almost 500 pages of content put together, including almost 40 pages that represent the core content.

I’ve coordinated logistics.  I’ve got meals planned.

It’s been a beast.

All while staying on top of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets, delivering another new BTMSinsiders training, and doing research and early-project planning for two client projects (mine plus a junior writer).

Frankly, I’ve often thought of myself as NOT productive.  But when I write that out, it sure feels like a LOT.

And there have been a ton of useful tools and strategies.

I use to-do lists (recently experimenting with moving back to Asana).

I block time and maintain a pretty consistent schedule.

I work out and eat healthy.

I meditate.

I track my time.

And so on…

And yet…

The biggest productivity breakthroughs come when I’m approaching…


I get all superhuman on my workload.

I get everything done faster.

I’m more focused.

I drink less coffee because my natural energy is so jacked.

I pile on the accomplishment.

All because I’m trying to get something done by a certain time or date.

It’s crazy how well this works.

And even knowing it, I’ve often under-utilized it.

But when I do, it’s incredibly powerful.

How to make deadlines work for you…

First off, I do think deadlines should be achievable.  But what does that mean?  Well, you can’t be constantly running at 110%.  Your body isn’t made for it — you will crash.  You have to give yourself lower productivity periods in between higher productivity periods.  Physical exercise has off days and training intervals — you need the same for your mental work, too.  But when it’s time to work toward a deadline, give yourself a tight enough window that you can’t procrastinate too much, so you get in the habit of diving into your work.

Also, there’s big deadlines, and little deadlines.  For example, earlier this week I had to get my big print job into the print shop, to have my binders ready for the event.  That forced me to get that part of the prep done by a certain date.  Other prep is happening today, because it didn’t have an earlier deadline.  Chunk your project into smaller segments, and develop a deadline for each chunk that works toward hitting your big deadline.

And importantly, give yourself consistent deadlines.  I find that when I go too long between giving myself deadlines, my work starts to fall apart.  At least, it feels that way.  When nothing has to happen in an urgent manner, nothing really happens.  Alternately, when I have a bunch of deadlines reasonably spaced out on my calendar over the coming weeks, I make everything happen with incredible consistency (and I feel better!).

One more: consider daily and weekly deadlines for those little tasks that need to get done.  I’ve written Breakthrough Marketing Secrets pretty much every work day since April 2014.  How?  With a daily deadline.  I often only have about an hour to write it, by the time I start.  So I sit down and crank it out.  Today, I’ve given myself less time, so I’m actually only 21 minutes in and I’m at nearly 800 words.  You’d be amazed if you give yourself little chunks of time to get a lot done, how well you can do it.  It’s a skill you build up through time, but it’s effective.

Okay, here’s one more little deadline hack…

I’m actually working with the project manager at my primary client right now, and we’re having planning calls at the beginning of each of my projects, to lay out deadlines throughout the project.  These will go straight into Asana, which we’ll work from to keep everything on track.

I’ve also started scheduling monthly webinars for BTMSinsiders, with a co-host who will be there with me.

External accountability is a powerful motivator for deadlines you might only have internally.  Find a way to do that, and you may be surprised how others are happy to help.

In the two cases above, they have a vested interest in my productivity.  So I’m leaning on them to help.

Who else has a vested interest in you getting things done in a productive way?

How can you get them on board to help with your deadlines?

These are powerful questions, when asked looking for an answer.

They might just lead to a productivity breakthrough!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr