Today’s issue is a little bit different — it’s mostly to link you to a video

This is a video I haven’t released publicly anywhere yet (besides it sitting on YouTube).  I didn’t really create it with you in mind — although I think you could benefit tremendously by watching it.

It’s a video I recorded to show to cold audiences, revealing my process for improving copy and conversions from a website (or really, any marketing).

There’s over 30 minutes straight of incredible value — between 9 minutes and 40 minutes into the video.

Because it’s for a cold audience, the first few minutes are an introduction.  Even if you know me well, it might be worth considering how I’m using those first few minutes to build my credibility on the subject.

The last few minutes of the video are meant to sell my copy review services — and even include an offer.  Again, if you’re just going for the content, you’re certainly not obliged to watch this — however even this may be worth watching, simply to see how I present the offer in the webinar.

Throughout the video, there are a TON of questions to ask about your copy, the answers to which can dramatically increase marketing response!

I’ve identified seven major copy challenges or problems a piece of copy can have that will suppress response.

For each of those seven problems, there are a handful of ways that you can address the problem and strengthen your copy.

I turned each of those opportunities to increase sales and profits into a question you can ask yourself.

And for just over 30 minutes, I go rapid-fire through each question and show you how to address it and improve your copy.

If you have a completed piece of copy you’d like to improve, this is easy.  And it doesn’t matter if it’s your first draft, or something already out in the market.  Simply go through and ask these questions about your copy.  Review it in detail.  And let the answers guide your edits.  Either go with the improved version, or test it head-to-head against the original.

While it’s not quite the same as me reviewing your copy, what I’ve tried to do is get as much of my copy review thinking out of my head, and put into an approach you can copy.

Click here to watch the video now!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr