There are 4 big fundamentals to Facebook lead generation…

And these are pretty much universal.

Across markets.  Across product or service types.  Across industries.

If you apply the right principles and strategies at the level of these 4 fundamentals, you have a high likelihood of success.

Get them wrong, or simply don’t put enough thought into them, and you’ll struggle.

Today’s video is a response to this subscriber question…


I am in real estate marketing and would like to know more things related to marketing and lead generation via Facebook.  Can you give me some overarching principles or strategy?



What are the 4 fundamentals?

Well, I cover them in a LOT more detail in the video, but here’s the high-level list…


You have to know who you’re targeting.  You can’t always use Facebook’s tools to target at the level you want (especially not after the Cambridge Analytica business a couple years ago).  But still, the more specific you are about knowing who you want as a lead, the better.

One note: There is a risk in making your target audience too small (this is counterintuitive to most direct marketers), and I have a recommendation for what to do instead.


Here I point you back to last Friday’s video on Easy Offers Get Response.  You need the right offer to make Facebook Ads work.  And it’s NOT just the final product or service you’re selling.  It’s how you get the prospect moving down the path to purchase.


Here’s another important element.  What’s the user experience look like?  They don’t buy just because they saw your ad on Facebook.  You need a process.  A campaign.  A structure.


Finally we get to what you actually say.  I introduce a new concept in today’s video called “Social Response Copywriting.”  Plus give a pile of additional recommendations that point toward the kind of approach I recommend in The Value-First Funnel Strategy.

Plus there are some notes on what Facebook likes and doesn’t like — and won’t even let run.

All-in, this video is packed with value on the strategic thinking behind any successful Facebook ad campaign, especially those for lead generation.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr