Here is the ultimate secret to getting anything and everything you want in life…

…  At least, that’s the promise of The Law of Attraction.

What you think about creates your reality.

And so if you want something to be true in reality, you must think about it.  Imagine it vividly.  Feel it, as if it were already true.  And keep doing this until you develop unshakable faith and belief that this new reality is your reality.  And then it will manifest.

And with that promise, a whole pile of stories.

“I imagined my cancer gone, and when I went to my next Doctor’s appointment, she said it was — and it was a miracle!”

“I imagined receiving unexpected wealth — and a check showed up in the mail, the very next day!”

“I focused my intention on manifesting the perfect partner— and then she stopped me on the street to introduce herself!”

And on, and on…

I’m actually listening to the audiobook of The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy right now…  Which is absolutely full of these stories.

And yeah, this was popular before The Secret.  And even before The Strangest Secret, by Earl Nightingale.

In fact, many who believe in The Law of Attraction regularly quote from the Bible and other sacred scripture as their source.

As you might be able to tell, I am skeptical…

What really gets me are all the disease claims.

After all, for the many stories you find of people who supposedly cured themselves through prayer or intention…  You’ll could find far more of people who prayed or tried to attract health and remained sick or even died.

In fact, every Law of Attraction teacher dies eventually, and you can’t just blame their lack of belief in immortality.

You have to be careful with this not to slip into magical thinking.

Don’t reject medicine in favor of prayer or The Law of Attraction.

And yet…

And yet if you wish to add meditation or intention or prayer on top of everything else, who knows how that might help?

For all we know and have discovered through modern science, the one thing that’s become most clear is how little we understand.

There are layers upon layers of understanding that we are just beginning to peel back.

And as much as we understand, for example, physical symptoms in a body…  Modern medicine still doesn’t understand consciousness, and how it interacts with the physical world.

And so, perhaps it’s worth some open-minded experimentation?

Here’s a lens that could show us the true power of The Law of Attraction…

The Upanishads are Hindu sacred texts written around the time that ancient Greece was near its peak.

I understand this is a quote from one of the Upanishads, that has been quoted in Law of Attraction literature.

“You are what your deepest desire is.  As is your desire, so is your intention.  As is your intention, so is your will.  As is your will, so is your deed.  As is your deed, so is your destiny.”

To me, this is so much deeper and more profound and more practical than the magical leap that’s made between thinking about something and it becoming reality.

I’ll explain…

You are what your deepest desire is.

This sets the stage.  This is, in a sense, “you become what you think about,” the core of The Law of Attraction.  This is points A and Z, but nothing in between.

What comes next shows how this becomes true.

As is your desire, so is your intention.

When you truly want something on the level of desire, you aim toward it.  This is intent.

Intention is the mental orientation toward a goal and is the first step to turning a desire into a reality.

As is your intention, so is your will.

Once you have intention in place, it must create movement.  Will is that mental orientation turned into a physical plan.

As is your will, so is your deed.

Once you set your will toward action, you must take the action itself.  Here’s where the subjective consciousness meets objective, physical reality.  Through deed, through action toward your will, your intention, and your desire.

As is your deed, so is your destiny.

And here we complete the path from desire to reality.  The fruits of your labor is the result you want.

This leaves room for miracles, but does not force them…

I do believe in The Law of Attraction.

And, in fact, I’ve been doubling down on using it in the most important areas of my life.

However, I’m not simply chanting affirmations in the hope that what I want will miraculously come to pass.

Rather, I’m cultivating all these elements of myself to work together, in alignment, in pursuit of the reality I want…

I’m vividly imagining what I desire, as if it were my true and present reality.  Through that, I’m aligning my intention in order to make it real.  I channel this intention into the will to act.  With this will, I do the deeds I know will bring me closer to my desire.  And in continually doing these deeds, I’m creating my destiny.

This is exactly how I’ve created the life I already enjoy…

Yes, I did — as Warren Buffett puts it — win the genetic lottery.  I was born in this time, in this place, in a family that took care of my basic needs and helped me get a good start in life.

And yet, so much of where I am today is also through applying this process of moving from desire to manifested reality.

Here’s one relevant story…

In 2004, I graduated from college with an undergraduate degree in Psychology.  The best job that could get me was answering customer service calls for the local gas company.

I knew I wanted more.  I desired to do something, perhaps with my writing.

And through that desire and intention, I developed the will to look at other opportunities.

That will turned into the deed of buying then reading books that led me to copywriting and entrepreneurship.

And then I repeated the process to apply for marketing jobs.

And then I repeated the process to get good at marketing through on-the-job experience.

And then I repeated the process to launch my freelance direct response copywriter and consultant business.

And then I repeated the process…

And I keep going, turning my desire for a certain life and lifestyle and career path into the destiny I experience today.

Along the way, I’ve experienced “miracles”…

Not in some biblical sense.  But I’ve been kindly blessed by fortune, or luck.

Getting the jobs I did.  Connecting to the clients I did.  Getting an email from Brian Kurtz on a Sunday afternoon, asking me to write the copy for The Titans of Direct Response (here’s Brian telling the story on stage at Titans).

And so many other smaller miracles.

However I will say, none of these came about through simply sitting in a cave, meditating on my desires and hoping for magic.

They came about because my cumulative deeds were putting me in the right place at the right time for these “miracles” of fortune to occur.

The best way to experience the miracles of The Law of Attraction is to act as if they won’t happen…

That is, set your desire, intent, and will on a certain outcome…

Who you want to be…

What you want to have…

What you’d like to experience…

And then go about performing the deeds that will make it real.

Along the way, you may be surprised how quickly you achieve these results.  And how serendipitously things come together to help you get what you desire.

When you set off on a particular journey, you’ll be surprised how quickly the world helps you along the way.

But it’s you who is choosing the journey, and you who is taking the first steps.

Realize this, and you’ll become unstoppable.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr