Do you practice gratitude in the morning?

Do you wake up every day and think of what you’re thankful for?

If you do — or if you’ve ever thought you should — stop!

It’s a big mistake.

At least if you want to live a big life.

At least if you want to have a big impact.

At least if you want to change your world — or the whole world — for the better.

Gratitude is important — but there’s something even more powerful to practice the first thing every day…

And it’s probably NOT what you’d expect.

Yet if you do this right, it redefines your entire day.

Sets you up for positive progress.

And can lead to a life, career, or business that has maximum impact.

For all of human history, it’s been the people who’ve practiced THIS — and NOT gratitude — who’ve created all the progress, innovation, and comforts we benefit from (and are grateful for) today.

Watch now and tell me what you think.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr