Your client wants to pay you a percentage of profits — should you take it?

That’s the fundamental question I answered in today’s video issue of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets.

— You’ll hear about structuring copywriting royalty deals.

— You’ll get a comparison of percent of profit to percent of revenue to other options.

— You’ll learn how getting this wrong could actually lead to you getting paid NOTHING.  (Plus how to get it right!)

— You’ll learn about fee plus royalty arrangements.

There’s a lot of value in this 14-minute video.

And if you want to go deeper, check out my Copywriting Royalties and Pay For Performance training.  It covers understanding and negotiating royalty deals.  What kinds of clients and projects are appropriate.  Plus other ways to get paid for performance if royalties are not an option.

Here’s the reader question that prompted this video…

Hi Roy,

You talk about getting royalties as a copywriter.  Which royalty option is better: Taking a percentage of sales or taking a percentage of profit?

I have this prospect and he’s willing to pay me 15% of the profit that the copy I write for them pulls in.

Thanks for your time!


I hope you find value in my video answer to the copywriting royalties question.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr