Who else wants a secret copywriting headline formula that will make you rich without any work?!

(Note the dripping sarcasm.)

I have mixed feelings about headline formulas, as you’ll see in today’s video.

On one hand, I absolutely learned them, have used them, and still continue to benefit from knowing the language of headlines that have worked.

On the other hand, I absolutely reject them, and when they are obvious in copywriting today, I see it as the mark of an unskilled copywriter.

Also: I know that you WILL NOT automatically get rich or even write a winning ad just because you used some other copywriter’s winning headline as a formula for yours.

There’s a much better approach to using copywriting headline formulas if you want to write winning copy today…

And yes, sometimes it involves using the classic formulas.

But not always.

And when you use the formula, that’s not what’s actually making your ad work.

Rather, it’s something else entirely.

Something far less superficial than the words you use.

But something far more important.

I share that, too, in today’s video…

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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