It's Mailbox Monday!  That means it's time to answer YOUR questions!

It’s Mailbox Monday! That means it’s time to answer YOUR questions!

Welcome to Mailbox Monday!

First, a couple quick business items, then onto the question from the mailbox.

It’s a big week! I hop on the plane on Wednesday — way too early in the morning — and am headed to Stamford, CT, for the Titans of Direct Response event.

For those of you who came aboard recently, I wrote the sales letter for the event… And as part of the deal I get a little VIP+ treatment.

On the docket: touring Boardroom’s offices with Dan Kennedy and Brian Kurtz, having dinner with all the VIPs and many of the speakers (and I know I’m seated next to one of the biggest names in marketing today, but I won’t tell who until it happens!), connecting with a few of my personal heroes who I haven’t met yet…

It should be fun!

Plus, I have a TON of newer and older friends from throughout the industry who will be there. (And to those of you who are loyal readers, I’m so looking forward to it!)

What this means though is that I’m going to need your forgiveness and understanding if issues on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday are not exactly on time. I’m still aiming to fill your inbox with juicy goodness on each day — I just don’t know how it’ll all fit into the schedule.

Also, a quick reminder…

If you read that Titans of Direct Response sales letter… The one that legendary copywriter Gary Bencivenga told me “sings” (yeah, I printed out his email and taped it to the wall!)…

And you start to think, “Gee, I wish I could write copy like that!”…

Well, I can’t promise to turn you into that kind of copywriter overnight… But I CAN give you many of my most-treasured inside secrets and strategies, the same ones I USE when writing copy like that…

BUT ONLY IF you agree to join me in November for my Advanced Direct Response Copywriting Workshop.

You’ve got one week left to get in at the Early Bird discount, and save $400 off…

Click here for full details on the workshop and your $400 instant discount…

On to our Mailbox Monday question…

This one comes from Billy C, a relatively new reader of Breakthrough Marketing Secrets…

Roy, thanks so much for this opportunity.

My biggest question and the thing that is holding me back as I see it is this:

Confidence. I am a newly trained copywriter and would like to feel confident in my copywriting abilities but how do I do that without any real clients as of yet?

Thanks again,

Billy C

Billy, my answer won’t be empty platitudes!

I love these Mailbox Monday questions (and send yours in to [email protected]) because they give me an opportunity to speak freely…

Debunk a lot of the BS that passes for sound advice…

And really get to the heart of what it takes to succeed in copywriting, marketing, business…

Including something as simple as how to get started.

Don’t be fooled by the fact this question comes from a new copywriter, this answer applies to ANYBODY who wants to achieve their next big breakthrough!

Nearly every coaching client who has come to me has come to me with a similar objection. (And don’t worry, because I’m not trying to sell coaching right now.)

“I don’t know if I’m ready yet.”

And in just about every case, I try to talk them out of hiring me.

Not because I couldn’t help them. Not because I think they’re not ready.


Because I want to test them.

Will they fold?

Will they walk away?

Or will they fight back?

Will they fight for themselves?

Will they rise to the challenge?

The one who rise to the challenge don’t necessarily have any more confidence than those who fold and walk away… They just do something different in response to their fear…

Rather than let their fear stop them, they feel that fear and act anyway. They’re the ones that become coaching students. And ultimately it’s that same attitude that will make them successful.

This isn’t about confidence.

It’s just about doing what needs to be done.

Nike got it right (or their ad agency did): Just do it.

You have to be willing to take action even when you can’t find the confidence to do so.

You have to be willing to stare down your fear, and act anyway.

Eventually, confidence will seep in as you start to have a few wins…

It will NEVER always be there. You will always face fear.

But you will also gain confidence by doing. (NOT by preparing to do.)

So go out there, and do it.

Getting specific to copywriting…

Get that first client. Let your fear be a motivator to try twice as hard on that first project, to try to make it a success.

Know that even the pros don’t bat 1000. But they step up to bat, again and again.

Certainly don’t wait for confidence to get started — or you’ll never budge.

Just get out there… Get clients… Get projects… Try… Fail… Learn… Try… Fail… Learn… Try… Succeed… Try again…

You’ll be amazed by what comes from action, that will never come from preparing and inaction.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets