Hey Rainmaker, it’s time to close the deal…

For the last couple days I’ve been talking about how to sell in person, at networking events like the AWAI Bootcamp I’ll be attending next week.

I talked about how selling is really a simple process, and how if you want to be really effective at selling you need to learn how to maintain control of the relationship.

At this point, if you’ve followed along with the previous recommendations, it’s time to close the deal.

And here’s what you need to know about this…

Closing the deal is really just a natural extension of a sales process done right!

In fact, if you open the selling conversation in the right way, and progress it along the steps I’ve outlined, it suddenly becomes much easier to close the deal.

You have someone’s attention, and interest in what it is you’re talking about.  You’ve connected what you offer to a desired outcome or problem they need to have solved.

And all along the way, YOU set the terms for the engagement.  You controlled the relationship.  Hopefully you helped them define and set their buying criteria.  You made the relationship happen on your terms, not theirs.

Now it’s time to get them to take action.

Here is where way too many people screw up!

Far too many sales people — especially copywriters — bring people all the way to the point of action, and then “pass the ball” to the buyer…

You have someone motivated to do business with you.  They’re ready, willing, and able.

All you have to do is close the deal.

Then you say, “Well, what do you want to do together?”

You can’t leave it up to the buyer to decide what they want to buy!

You have to set the price, and the deliverables — and communicate it in a way that is compelling to your prospect!

You have to package or “product-ize” your service to the point that you can say, “If you want XYZ results, I can get them for you.  Here’s how I do it for you, and it costs $##,###.”

You have to make a very clear offer about what you’ll do, how it helps them get their stated desired result, and what they have to invest to get that done.

And then, do SOMETHING to make them make a decision.

Set a deadline.  Emphasize the scarcity of your offer.  Make it relevant by THEIR reasons that they take action now.

Give them a specific action to take, and a reason to do so NOW.

If you’re a copywriter, you’re going to want to pay special attention next week, as I’ll have an important announcement about building YOUR core offer.

Now here’s how to really make sure you close these deals…

I guess I got a little ahead of myself.

Because I’m already talking about closing the deal by telling them what your offer is, but there was a very important detail I left out.

Their “stated desired result.”

Remember yesterday that I said I was going to take the conversation OUTSIDE of the Bootcamp environment for any potential client I may want to work with?

I specifically said I’m going to be scheduling phone calls with these people, right there, using the TimeTrade web scheduling app.

During those phone calls, what I’m going to do is talk to them about their challenges, desired outcomes, and look for any missed opportunities or under-leveraged value multipliers that exist in their business.

Basically, I’m looking for opportunities to do more than “write copy on demand,” like too many copywriters are all too willing to do.

In a short call, I can figure out what their challenges are.  What their desired result is.  And a little bit about what opportunities there are in their business to help them get it.

If I see that opportunity, I can build my offer and pitch around it.


I have some core things I do very well.  And of course, I’m going to leverage those core things.

What I’m really looking for is opportunities in client businesses where I can apply my core competencies and distinguishing skills and abilities…  To helping them get what they want.

When I know I have a fit, that’s when I make the offer I mentioned above.

And that’s how you get all the monies…

Okay, I mentioned above that I’d have an announcement next week regarding offers.

More detail then…

But here’s what you should know TODAY.

Based on what I’m going to share with you next week, one copywriter told me, “I have seen the light.

It will completely change the way you look at selling your copywriting services.

And if you are going to be joining me at AWAI, it might have a multiplier effect on the outcome you get selling your services to the clients there.

Have a great weekend!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

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