This is the process that takes you from wandering in the darkness...  To seeing the light at the end of the tunnel...  To gaining massive momentum toward the brightest future you can imagine for yourself!

This is the process that takes you from wandering in the darkness… To seeing the light at the end of the tunnel… To gaining massive momentum toward the brightest future you can imagine for yourself!

Rainmaker, I want to admit to a very painful experience that’s plagued me since going into business for myself…

More than once I’ve faced some really dark days.

Where projects weren’t coming, where income wasn’t coming, where I just wasn’t moving forward (and I felt like I was slipping back).

These are the days in the entrepreneurial journey where you wish you could just shut off that damn drive to do things your way, for yourself…  Take down that shingle you hung up…  And go back to being happy with a J-O-B…

But here’s the dirty truth of entrepreneurial freedom…

If you felt like you didn’t fit…  Like you were meant for more…  Like your drive to create and innovate and add your unique value to the world…  Like your lust for entrepreneurship was unquenchable BEFORE tasting the freedom of being the Captain of your own ship…

Good…  Friggin’…  Luck…  Going back to the 9-to5 grind and working for someone else…  If you felt barely employable before doing your own thing…  There’s a good chance you’re going to be totally uncontainable in any future job.

Once you’ve been out on your own, that’s your MO — your modus operandi.

Freedom is the way you do things.

Once that cat’s out of the bag, it’s not going back in.

This is a hard realization when your back is to the wall, and you’ve lost the will to run…

The hardest times come when you know you have to make it succeed…  When you recognize you can’t turn back…

But when you’ve been battered and bruised and you’re tired and wasted and you’ve lost your momentum and you just want to give up.

But giving up isn’t an option, is it?

Not when you really take stock of your situation, and you realize you won’t be happy with yourself in 30 days if you finally give in and give up now…

Earlier this year, I saw myself slipping in that direction again…

It’s been a good year so far.  Things could be way worse!  I have controls out there working in the market.  I have as much credibility and expert status in the marketplace as I’ve ever had.  Breakthrough Marketing Secrets continues to be a success.

And yet, I could feel my emotional momentum slipping.  I found myself less motivated to get new work.  I felt like my drive to move forward was easing up on the gas pedal.

I took stock of my situation.

I sat down, and looked at all the things I’m doing, and all the things I want to do.

I spent 50 minutes spelling them out, ink on paper.  (I was following Dean Jackson’s 50-Minute Focus Finder process.)

Then I went back later and typed them all into my computer, and grouped them by project or area.

Not only did this get a lot of baggage out of my head — little things I was trying to store there that didn’t need to be stored in my head when a perfectly good piece of paper or computer file would do…

It also helped establish a ton of clarity about what’s important — what’s important for my business now, what’s important for my business and career going forward, and what’s important for me personally…

If being at the bottom of the emotional roller coaster of entrepreneurship is a very dark place, having this clarity gave me a light at the end of the tunnel…

By getting all these tasks and items and wants and life goals out of my head and somewhere I could refer to them later, I felt literally lighter.

It’s like all that stuff that I was carrying around in my head was mental and emotional baggage.  And while it might be easy to carry a couple pieces of baggage around at any given time…  Trying to carry around a ton of baggage will weigh on even the strongest of us!!

I was able to put down all that baggage in a place that I knew I could come pick up any piece of it at any given time, when I actually could do something with it.

And the truth is, there was a lot of baggage there that I’m okay to let sit in the corner for a long time.  And even some I thought was important, that I’ll probably never pick back up.  But it took putting it down to recognize it!

I was finally able to prioritize what’s important to deal with now.

As I’ve written recently, this brought my nonprofit project to the front burner, from the back where it’s been for a while.

It actually took a lot more projects off the back burner — at the risk of mixing metaphors — and set them aside indefinitely.

But with all this newfound clarity, I still had a challenge.

Suddenly I knew what to do — but I still struggled to change my behavior…

I went from having too much on my mind to do anything and too much weighing me down to be able to create any momentum…

To a totally free mind and the space to create momentum…  But suddenly feeling like I was struggling to take my next steps.

That’s when I brought in an accountability and productivity coach to help me build systems for moving forward.

To not only help me with those priorities, but to turn those priorities into action items.  And turn action items into momentum.

The clarity was my light at the end of the tunnel.  The coaching is what’s driving my execution, so I can hop on the bullet train that will take me straight into that light.

And it’s definitely paying off.

When I combined my clarity with execution, the newfound momentum in my business — in what I have defined as my three biggest priority areas — is off the charts.

Look out world!

If you’re feeling like an entrepreneur without momentum, this is the lesson you need to take away…

There are a lot of things in your business that matter.

Attracting leads, warming them up, getting sales, ensuring satisfaction, getting repeat business, building reliable recurring revenue streams, stimulating word of mouth (all of these with sales people and/or marketing that does the sales job)…

As well as driving forward all the other areas of your business including but not limited to systems, fulfillment, operations, customer service, and so on…

For you to move these forward and bring in the sales that will make your business grow as well as build the systems and operation that will support that growth, there’s one HUGE thing you need to have…


Everything you can do, everything you should do, and everything you must do.  What’s important, and what can be set aside for now and maybe addressed later.

When you have that clarity, then it comes time for the next step…


This can be the small stuff.  Little systems and processes to take care of the little things (especially things you can take off your plate as the Captain of your ship).

It can also be the big stuff.  What are the big systems in terms of marketing, new business generation, innovation, and value delivery that MUST happen to drive your business forward?

Where you have chaos, you create systems and processes and order.  Where you have “winging it” you create a series of steps to do.

Once you have the basic processes of “sell” and “fulfill” down in your business, it’s this bigger picture execution that creates growth.

And the end result is…


It won’t always be 100 MPH.  But getting you from 2 MPH to 3 MPH can be an achievement.  0 MPH to 60 MPH can happen fast when you have crystal clarity and strong execution.

If you’re feeling like you’re in dark days, this is the process you need to move to the light.

If you’re doing okay today but you feel yourself slipping — like I was earlier this year — or simply want to create a bigger impact, this is the process you need to follow.

And if you want the fastest path to clarity and to start defining your execution steps, a half-day consultation with me would be a smart idea.

Through Saturday the 31st only, it’s only $2,800 (normally $3,500).

It’s just the beginning of creating a new and stronger momentum in your business, but it won’t happen unless you take that first step.

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Once you pay, I’ll reach out with scheduling info.  Including the preparatory work you’ll need to do to make the most of the session.

The consulting will work via skype or phone.  It will be recorded for later reference.  And I will follow up with an action plan for you.

And if at the end you don’t feel like I’ve given you a bare minimum 10X quantifiable ROI — $35,000 in impact as a result of specific action items — you get a prompt and courteous full refund.

I stand behind my ability to create clarity, execution, momentum, and total breakthroughs in your business!

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets