daily-profit-podcastI’ve been interviewed on yet another podcast…

UK-based copywriter Jason Strachan recently launched his Daily Profit podcast, and today’s episode was an interview with ME!

(Yesterday was James Schramko, so I’m in pretty good company!)

The episode is 35 minutes and 26 seconds, and it’s packed to the brim with a short course in Story Selling, that gives you a glimpse into what was covered throughout my much more comprehensive Story Selling Master Class.

Instead of a long essay today, I’m simply going to recommend you…

Click here now to listen to my interview on the Daily Profit Podcast.

And if you want more of Jason’s podcast, you can look it up on iTunes or visit his website here.

As part of that interview, I ALSO revealed a story formula that I did not reveal during the launch of the Story Selling Master Class — so even if you watched all the launch videos, I promise you’ll get even more by listening to the interview!

In other news…

I reviewed a landing page for a client on Tuesday morning.  I made a handful of suggestions about how to make it convert better.  They implemented, fast.

Then last night, they sent me this message, “So far your version is converting at almost double.”

Now, the disclaimers.  The final test results are still pending.  The spread could be smaller, or even bigger.  And these are applications as part of a lead generation campaign.  The eventual winner will be based on sales generated.

But if I’m getting them double the applications…  And the eventual sale is somewhere in the neighborhood of $30,000…  The just-under-an-hour I spent with them on the phone may work out to be VERY well-invested!

Cool, huh?

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr