The #1 goal of your headline copywriting is to pull prospects into your message…

If you don’t get the attention…  The engagement…  The readership (or viewership)…  The consumption…

You don’t get the sale.

And so great copywriters obsess over adding any and every tool to their toolbox that can jack up the attention-getting power of their headlines.

Today’s episode is yet another powerful tool for you.

One I don’t know that I’ve ever heard other copywriters talk about directly.

I discovered this reading about research into brains and communication.

And how adding this one secret ingredient lights up the brain, the curiosity, the imagination.

So I thought I’d share it in today’s episode, with lots of classic headline writing as examples…

Add this secret ingredient to your headline & prospects will devour your copy

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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