Today’s Video Friday is very different…

All 3 of my kids came down with the flu yesterday, and I’ve spent most of my day with them.  In the couple short hours I have to work today, I’m not going to produce a video.  (I also want to keep pretty quiet because they’re resting two rooms away.)

But I do still want to give you a massive amount of value.    So you get a 3-hour video from my coach, Joseph Rodrigues, breaking down Jay Abraham’s “Mr. X Book.”

This $300 book — officially titled “Money Making Secrets of Marketing Genius Jay Abraham and Other Marketing Wizards” was created by one of Jay’s clients, as a reflection on and distillation of all of Jay’s most important principles, strategies, and tactics.  It was fully endorsed and eventually sold by Jay.

Although weighty and now technologically dated (it was before internet marketing was really a thing), this book still lays bare the core workings of EVERY profitable direct response business.  It is the universal principles of making money with the leverage of marketing, that drew superstars like Tony Robbins and Daymond John to Jay, and that have been behind his $10-plus-billion in client results.

Joseph — or, J-Money, as I like to call him — got special permission from Jay to go deep on this book, and share publicly in an “Insights and Perspectives” video on YouTube.  The result was an epic 3-hour journey through some of the most powerful direct response principles you could ever learn.

And today, I’m sharing that video with you.  Here you go…

One more thing…

Jay liked this video so much that he actually added a Joseph Rodrigues “Shade” to his 50 Shades of Jay series.  Jay handpicked 50 separate videos from Joseph’s channel — covering some of the most impactful business, marketing, and personal development books — and added them to his site here.

Enjoy, explore, and have a good weekend.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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