Dan Meredith, copywriter extraordinaire!

Dan Meredith, copywriter extraordinaire!

So, today’s issue is a bit different than most. I’m not going to write much. Instead, I want to share an article I found particularly good — and useful.

I found it shared on Facebook by my friend and fellow copywriter, Dan Meredith.

The article is about 15 Secrets of Really Persuasive People…

And if “it takes one to know one,” then Dan sharing anything about being really persuasive is definitely on-point.

I met Dan at The Titans of Direct Response. At the time, he wasn’t really a copywriter, yet. He owned a brick-and-mortar fitness business that was doing okay.

Somehow, he’d gotten my letter for The Titans of Direct Response, and was completely sold.

Only problem. It was going to set him back a good $10,000 to go — he’s from the UK — and he didn’t really have the money to spend.

He told his girlfriend about it. Was trying to get her buy-in.

She looked at the sales letter for Titans.

She reads. And thinks. And reads. And thinks.

Eventually, she turns to Dan and says, “Can I ask you one question?”

“Yeah,” he said.

“Are you telling me that these are the world’s best people at writing sales letters to get you to buy something… And you just read one of their sales letters, and now you want to buy what they’re selling?”

Sheepishly, he admitted that’s what was going on.

(He’d later tell me this story in the lobby of the Stamford Marriott, insisting he wanted to shake the hand of the copywriter who wrote the letter for Brian Kurtz.)

Of course, by this point you know he got buy-in from his girlfriend, bit the bullet, and invested in Titans — and himself.

But he did something else that all high achievers always do.

He decided he wasn’t just buying this for entertainment, or for the experience.

He wanted to make it pay back.

And so as he invested in Titans, he finally decided to launch his copywriting career.

I ran into a video the other day that Dan made BEFORE Titans, and what happened next is going to astound you…

Note, again, this was BEFORE going to Titans.

He started talking about Titans with potential clients. Asking if they’d be going. Working it into the conversations. And so on…

The perception of who Dan was as a copywriter was raised tremendously — simply by stating that he’d be there.

And with weeks left before hopping on a transatlantic flight to come to Titans, he’d already made $18,000 in copywriting fees he insisted would not have come — or at the very least, would not have come as quickly — without Titans.

Dan went on from there and launched a six-figure copywriting business, and is working very closely now with Ryan Levesque, whose “survey funnel” approach is generating absurd numbers of leads for some huge marketers, in all sorts of industries.

After Titans, he took a jaunt around the East Coast that included stops seeing potential clients in New York City, and touring Agora.

In the months since then, he’s taken ANOTHER trip to the states, where he went from client to client to client, visiting in-person and continuing to grow his business.

Dan is a force of nature, and definitely a persuasive person.

He’s willing to do things that most of us — me included — hesitate on.

And as a result, he gets results that are far above the norm.

Now, on to that article Dan shared on Facebook…

It’s called 15 Secrets of Really Persuasive People. It’s from Entrepreneur Magazine.

I strongly recommend you read it…

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets

PS — Do you ever find articles that you think would be good to share in Breakthrough Marketing Secrets? Have you written an article that you believe is a real breakthrough? Feel free to send my way — Roy@RoyFurr.com. If I publish the article (or a link) — whether it’s yours or you just sent it my way — I’ll also include a link back to your site. No promises, of course — but if it impresses me, I’ll be happy to share!

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