I have a love/hate relationship with affirmations…

On one level, I absolutely believe and agree with the idea that, “What you think about creates your reality.”

The emotions and thoughts you repeat — especially at a subconscious, habitual level — influence how you see the world.  And how you see the world influences how you respond to and behave in the world.  And how you respond to and behave in the world influences and creates your experience.

And so it’s smart to carefully consider and curate what you say to yourself, and how you see the world.

As-in, if you believe the world is abundant and full of opportunity, you’ll probably see more abundance and seize more opportunity.  (Versus if you think the world is full of scarcity and it’s impossible to get ahead.)

If you’re going to live a life full of these self-fulfilling prophecies, you might as well make them good ones.


Affirmations are NOT magical spells…

There’s no thinking “Wingardium Leviosa” and suddenly making yourself or objects around you float into the air.

Likewise, there’s no magic words that will instantly make you richer, happier, healthier, more beautiful, or anything else.

You start with the thought.  You take the actions.  And with enough movement in the right direction, you start to find the groove.

Please consider this when I give you these affirmations…

They will NOT work magic.

But they WILL orient you in the right direction, to achieve some powerful things.

They’re based on a list from Grant Cardone’s book, The 10X Rule.

Now, I’m not a Grant Cardone fanboy.  Not a hater either.  But I’m all about getting whatever value I can from wherever I can find it.  And in his book, there was one particularly-valuable list.

The list essentially made up all of chapter 22.  And was the 32 traits of successful people.

I’ve actually had that list printed out on my bulletin board next to my desk for a while now.

But the other day, I was journaling during my morning meditation session, and decided to turn them all into affirmations.

Meaning, these are mostly rewordings of Grant’s list.  But written in a way where when you read them, they should reinforce these qualities in yourself.

I’ll share the list, then my reflections…

— I have a can-do attitude.

— I will figure it out.

— I am focused on the opportunity.

— I love challenges.

— I seek out problems to solve.

— I persist until I’m successful.

— I take risks.

— I am unreasonable.

— I am dangerous.

— I create wealth.

— I readily take action.

— I always say yes.

— I habitually commit.

— I go all the way.

— I focus on the now.

— I demonstrate courage.

— I embrace change.

— I find and take the right approach.

— I break traditional ideas.

— I am goal-oriented.

— I am on a mission.

— I have high motivation.

— I live for results.

— I have big goals and dreams.

— I create my reality.

— I commit first, then figure it out.

— I am highly ethical.

— I am interested in the group.

— I am a continuous learner.

— I do things that make me uncomfortable.

— I reach up in my relationships.

— I am disciplined.

The BIG IDEA behind all of these, and why they work…

If I had to distill these down to one overarching lesson you can take away from them, it’s this…

Take action in the face of fear and uncertainty.

When we don’t succeed, it’s often because we’re not moving.  Because we’re stuck.  Because we’re not taking action.  And that almost always boils down to fear.  Fear of failure.

You almost always already know what you need to do to get ahead.  But you’re not doing it.

This could be getting ahead in your career.  In your job.  In your business.  In your life.  In your relationships.  In your health.

You know how to live a better life, and you’re not doing it.  Because you’re afraid of not being perfect, or of being rejected as a failure.

(Yeah, ME TOO — BIG TIME — I’m not just ragging on you.)

Don’t listen to the little voice inside of you, the voice of fear…

The power of using affirmations like this is that you reinforce the positive, productive qualities.

You reinforce the YOU who will take action, try things, get things done, fail and get back up, and move ahead.

You reinforce the YOU who can achieve what you want to achieve.

And if you use these as affirmations, they are a constant reminder to live your life as the big YOU that you want to be, and not the little you that cowers in the face of fear.

Remind yourself of these qualities, then start living them…

Again, these come from Grant Cardone studying high achievers, and trying to figure out how they live their lives to cultivate success.

If low achievers fail to take action in the face of fear and uncertainty…

And high achievers succeed at taking action in the face of fear and uncertainty…

It seems like you might want to cultivate that one habit.  To step up a little bit before you’re ready.  To play a little bigger.  To be a little bolder.  To not let fear hold you back.

These affirmations are powerful because they come at this idea from 32 separate angles…

Have you ever heard Jay Abraham speak?  If I remember the story right, he used to study the dictionary, and it shows.

When he speaks, he’ll use five words to come at the same idea.  And they’re not to make himself sound smarter — although he does sound pretty dang sharp.

Rather, he uses all those different words because they add to and refine the meaning of what he is saying.

Each word adds more depth, dimension, and nuance to his point.

Some people don’t get it, or don’t love it.  I do.  Because I hear and get layer-upon-layer of meaning.

Likewise, these 32 affirmations, read above and potentially repeated, add layers of meaning to that core trait of taking action in the face of fear and uncertainty.

They reinforce the idea to your subconscious, and add clarity.

They give you a response during many different challenges, and against many obstacles.

And they orient you toward the breakthroughs you wish to achieve.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr