The first thing you need to learn as a new marketer is…

I’m sure there’s a lot of opinions on this.  (Mine is in today’s video.)

But whether you’re learning marketing for a career in the field…

Or if you’re learning it to start and build your own business…

There’s one thing above all you MUST understand.

This comes from a subscriber question…


What’s the most important skill newbie marketers and business owners should learn so they won’t fail in the beginning stages of their journey?



In short, you need to learn to SELL…

This goes all the way back to Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins.

And his definition: Advertising is sales multiplied by media.

Which means the skill of an advertiser is the skill of a salesperson.

(Marketing wasn’t a common term in the time of Hopkins, at least not this usage, but the definition applies.)

Practice selling.

Develop your selling skill.

Get on the phone with prospects, and have a conversation.

Learn what to say — and not to say — to close the sale.

Learn what messaging works.

(I do a quick demo in today’s video of how to structure these selling calls — using the same process I go much deeper into in Milestone 2 of The Client-Getting Blueprint.)

Once you can sell one-to-one, you can package your message in media…

This is the essence of direct response marketing.

To create a selling message on which you can spend $1, and have it bring back at least $1 in return, with a new customer in tow.

There are nuances, but that’s the gist of it.

Get traffic to see your ads…

Engage their attention…

Build their interest and desire…

And stimulate action in the form of an order…

Ultimately converting them (at ideal economics).

(My 3 Must-Have Checklists for Copywriters will help in this regard.)

By learning what worked in one-to-one selling, it makes it much easier to translate your message into media to sell one-to-many.

There’s more to this process…

Which I share in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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