Hey Rainmaker, yesterday I was asked what my #1 recommendation was for new copywriters who want to succeed in this business is…

And in reality this is the #1 thing it takes to succeed not just in copywriting…  But in any kind of business, or career opportunity…  Not only that, it’s how to get what you want in just about any area of life!

I’ll share in just a moment — first, a quick story.

Last night, I was in the “networking area” of the hotel (aka., the bar) after all the conference sessions were over.

I was hanging out, chatting with some old friends from the biz about this and that, and suddenly I look over and I see someone totally unexpected.

The one and only Dean Jackson!

The one and only Dean Jackson!

Dean Jackson, of the I Love Marketing Podcast, walks into the bar with Parris Lampropoulos…

Sounds like a joke…  “So, Dean Jackson and Parris Lampropoulos walk into a bar, and…”

Aah, never mind!

To steal a phrase from the immortal emcee, Rakim, “I ain’t no joke!”

So, background.

Dean Jackson is one of my marketing heroes.  He’s a total legend.  I’ve recommended his and Joe Polish’s podcast countless times.

Last year, when Brian Kurtz called me up and said, “Roy, I want to let you pick your seat for the Titans of Direct Response dinner.  You can sit next to anybody besides Gary Bencivenga, because Katie Yeakle and Mike Palmer have the chairs on either side of Gary.”

I chose Joe.

But Dean wasn’t at Titans.  I’d actually hoped to meet him there!

Anyway, Dean is totally unexpected at AWAI.  It’s not normally a place where he’d be.  Even though I knew his offices were at least somewhat in the area.

So, Dean walks in with Parris…

And since I know Parris (at least somewhat) — as do others in my group — they walk our way!

Sometimes I’m like a kid in a candy shop.

“Whoa, Dean Jackson!”  I say, “I didn’t expect you here!”

He gets a big smile.  I introduce myself.  I’d worked with his team on The Copywriter’s Guide to Getting Paid.  We talk about that for a bit.  We talk about a lot of things.

Suddenly I — with my group — am engaged in a pretty lively discussion with Dean Jackson.  How cool!

Now, I’d love to tell you that I instantly bonded, I’m going to be on I Love Marketing next week, and all that good stuff.

That’s not exactly what happened.

But we did have a really great first introduction…


In my experience, that’s what sets me up for a whole slew of things in the future.

As Brian Kurtz — who I first met in a similar way — taught me, which his mentor Marty Edelston taught him…

“Life is long.”

Now I’ve met — and have a human-to-human connection with — Dean Jackson!

I guess I ought to share that lesson with you?

Okay, so I tell this story to illustrate an important point.

A lot of folks, when presented with the opportunity to meet one of their heroes, would sit awkwardly in the corner, gaping in awe at the fact that that hero had unexpectedly walked into the room.

I definitely did not.

I instantly engaged, introduced myself, and had a great discussion.

He was legitimately into it, even after Parris (who he’d come in with) ran off in a different direction and would have given him an out.

I created the seed of a relationship that could potentially have a big impact down the road.

What impact?  I don’t know.

I focus on value first, relationship first — and eventually if there is something to come out of it for me, I will make it happen in due time.

And by the way, if you do this and the hero is obviously itching to get out of there — you have to let them go!  It’s not a great relationship starter to come off as a stalker!

Back to the main point…  When AWAI did a video interview with me yesterday about my life in copywriting, here’s the #1 recommendation I gave for aspiring copywriters…

Just do it.  Take massive action.  (Or, any action at all!)

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

It all sounds so trite, so over-used.

And if it were mere platitudes, I wouldn’t be repeating it.

But if you dedicate yourself to a life of taking the action that others hesitate to take, you will enjoy the rewards that everyone else only wishes for.

If you’re a copywriter and wondering what action to take to really make sure you’re ready to get ahead, click here now and watch this very important presentation.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

Editor, Breakthrough Marketing Secrets