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High-Velocity Copywriting

On the podcast, Roy mentioned High-Velocity Copywriting, his flagship program for writing effective direct response and conversion copy…  Especially long sales letters, landing pages, and VSLs.

This covers the Three Big Idea Types…  Gives you outlines and templates for each…  Plus has the bonus webinar on the Clayton Makepeace outline that launched Roy’s career as a copywriter and helped him write his first million-dollar promos.  And has a whole bunch more you’ll be surprised to discover as you dive in.

This is available EXCLUSIVELY through through the BTMSinsiders training library, which is like Netflix for copywriting and marketing training.  For just $97 per month, you get access to ALL the training there, including High-Velocity Copywriting.

If you’re curious about how to write long copy that sells…  Roy has shared his story, including his three biggest lessons here: How to write long copy that sells.  (Spoiler alert: he ends up recommending High-Velocity Copywriting in the end!)

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