Most copywriters’ offers suck…

Especially NEW copywriters.

And you have to fix your offer if you want to get your first (good) copywriting client.

These writers hear about the writer’s lifestyle…

Freedom to come and go as you please…  Freedom from bosses…  Freedom from punching the clock…  Freedom to work on the beach, or from home, or anywhere…  Freedom to finally make what you’re worth…

And they say, “Sign me up!”

Which quickly turns into…

The “Will Write For Food” fallacy…

Basically, newer copywriters looking to land their first clients offer to write something…  Anything…  If only they can get paid.

They go on the freelance job sites…  And take any payment that goes through…  Just to be a paid writer.


No.  No.  No.

A “will write for food” offer will NEVER get you the lifestyle you desire.

But I’ll tell you what will.

Businesses don’t hire copywriters to write…

They don’t care that you’re a wordsmith.  They aren’t hiring you for perfect grammar, punctuation, and your ability to string a sentence together.

They’re hiring you for something else entirely.

This is the foundation of a successful copywriting business.

And if you nail it from the start, you can quickly get your first client plus enjoy far more success out of the gate.

Full details in today’s video.

Watch now.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr

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