So, you want to work with Roy?

Good call!

A while back, one of the world’s top Facebook marketers reached out to me.  This is someone who has helped clients generate over $1 billion in sales on Facebook.

“Roy, I want to give you money,” he said.

I told him that was a good idea, and that most people who do so are benefitted greatly by it.  But I have very limited client availability, and so I wasn’t able to offer myself up to him in any significant way.

He didn’t care.  He only wanted to occasionally connect, and get my best ideas for growing his business.  He started sending me money every month.

A few months in, I reviewed one of his landing pages, generating leads for a $30,000 business mastermind from cold Facebook traffic.  I gave him a handful of suggestions.  He implemented, and was testing my version against his control within 48 hours.

My version won: “OK final results from 2.85% to 4% cold traffic conversion.  Well done!”

I can’t go into specific numbers, but this is not a small mastermind.  And if that bump in leads were to lead to just 34 additional paying members, that one short copy review would have increased his revenue by $1 million.

A string of moneymaking successes…

I got my start in marketing by helping a $2-million IT training publisher grow to over $6-million, and land a spot on Inc. Magazine’s list of America’s fastest-growing private businesses.  I helped one client add $500,000 to their annual profits, by asking a single important question.  I’ve created marketing campaigns that have consistently brought in tens of thousands of new leads, and hundreds of thousands in sales.

And that’s all before my work as a copywriter, for which I am best-known.  Writing copy for clients has led to multiple million-dollar-plus paydays for the clients, broken sales records, and created tremendous financial success.

If we work together, I create big breakthroughs, fast…

These days, my availability is EXTREMELY limited for ongoing work.  In fact, as I write this, my actual copywriting work is booked out another 10 months into the future.  However, I do occasionally take on limited consulting arrangements.

I find that I can provide as much value in 2 hours as most other marketing “experts” can provide in 2 years.  That’s because I’ve identified the handful of principles that work for attracting customers, making sales, increasing profits, generating instant cash flow, and doing it all in a sustainable way to create long-term growth in your business.  In short, I know the quickest ways to create marketing and sales breakthroughs.

Plus, I’ve worked as both a top copywriter and a copy chief.  Not only have I written controls for clients, I’ve copy-chiefed others’ copy only to see it go on to tremendous financial success.  And I occasionally take on one-off copy reviews, or even a higher-level message development and copy strategy role for an entire project.

No matter whether you’re looking for breakthrough messaging, breakthrough strategy, or both, I can help.

However, you must apply and be accepted…

Because of my limited availability and full schedule, I’ve implemented an application process as the first step to working with me.

The following link takes you to a 2-part application.  The first part covers the basic details about who you are and how to get ahold of you.  Then, based on what kind of help you’re looking for from me, I have more specific questions for you to answer.

Apply to work with Roy

I look forward to reviewing your application.

Yours for bigger breakthroughs,

Roy Furr